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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education


            DepEd         MEMORANDUM

          No.    59, s. 2013



                To:     Undersecretaries

                   Assistant Secretaries

                   Bureau Directors

                   Regional Directors

                   Schools Division/City Superintendents

                   Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools


  1. 1.The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) announces the Results of the 2012 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQUESH) which was simultaneously administered across the country on January 20. 2013.


  1. 2.This Department extends its congratulations to the following Top Ten placers:



Percentile Rank

Judith D. Baclig



William Roderick R. Fallorin



Ma. Cristeda G. Ocang



Rogelio P. De Guzman



Elvis M. Nacional



Nerissa R. Lomeda



Rommel O. Casabar



Lani F. Anito



Carina C. Untalasco



Mary Grace A. Flores



Bernado Cristino P. Altamira





  1. 3.Cut-Off score of the 2012 NQESH is placed at Percentile 90 based on the total standard score obtained by the examinees in all performance domains covered by the examination.


  1. 4.Of the Total 14,567 test takers in the 2012 NQESH a total of 1,454 examinees met the Cut-Off score of Percentile 90.


  1. 5.The results can be accessed through the PepEd website: containing the following information:


  1. a.Complete name of the examinee;
  2. b.Region;
  3. c.Raw score
  4. d.Standard score;


  1. 6.The 2012 NQESH contained a total of 270 items which were equitably spread across the nice performance domains of school heads, to include:


  1. a.School Leadership;
  2. b.Instructional Leadership;
  3. c.Creating a Student-Centered Learning Climate;
  4. d.Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. e.Parent Involvement and Building Community;
  6. f.School Management and Daily Operations:
  7. g.Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. h.English Language Proficiency; and
  9. i.Reading Comprehension.


  1. 7.Request for re-checking of examination papers shall not be entertained.


  1. 8.Moreover, applications for additional points to the Veteran’s Value Point Privilege for daughters and sons of duly recognized war veterans shall not apply.


  1. 9.For further inquiries. All concerned may contract Mr. Antonio G. Ordovez. Jr., National Project Manager. National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP). DepEd Central Office at telephone no.: (02) 635-4796 or Ms. Lolet Escandor. Regional Coordinator at telephone nos.: (02) 635-4796.


  1. 10.Immediate dissemination of the Memorandum is desired.







            DepEd Memorandum No. 132, s. 2012


To be indicated in the Perpetual Index

            Under the following subjects:








R: Alma DM result of the 2012 NQESH

0275-March 5, 2013








Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education


July 27, 2012



No. 132, s. 2012




To:       Bureau Directors

            Regional Directors

            Schools Division/city superintendents

            Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools


  1. 1.The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) shall administer simultaneously the 2012 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) on November 11.


  1. 2.The 2012 NQESH is open to all aspirants for the Principal I position and all applicants under the Reclassification of school Heads Position (RPHS) as acquired under DepEd Order No. 97, s. 2011 entitled “Revised Guidelines on the Allocation and Reclassification of School Head Positons.”



  1. 3.The examination shall serve as mechanism for selecting component school heads in the public basic education sector that will perform their functions upon assumption to duty. The aspirant must have an experience of at least five (5) years in the aggregate as head teacher, teacher-in-charge, master and teacher III, consistent with DepED Memorandum No. 140, s. 2009 entitled “Corrigendum to DepED Memorandum No. 97, s. 2009 (2009 National Qualifying Examination For Principals.”


  1. 4.The NQESH will cover the following dimensions of school leadership:


  1. a.School Leadership;
  2. b.Instructional Leadership;
  3. c.Creating a Student-Centered Learning Climate;
  4. d.Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. e.Parent Involvement and Building Community;
  6. f.School Management and Daily Operations:
  7. g.Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. h.English Language Proficiency; and
  9. i.Reading Comprehension.


  1. 5.The time allocation for the examination shall be three (3) hours and fifteen (15) minutes.


  1. 6.The following are the deadlines and guidelines in filing and processing of application forms:


  1. a.The deadlines for filing the application form at the respective division offices (Dos) shall be on or before October 11, 2012;
  2. b.All regional offices (ROs) shall submit the list of theto the NEAP Central Office on or before October 15, 2012 through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
  3. c.The Rod are advised to send or farm out the template of the applicant form to the Dos for reproduction;
  4. d.All aspirants shall secure a copy of the application form their respective Dos and file the same at the DO where the application form has been secured;
  5. e.The Dos shall be responsible in processing the application forms to determine the qualifications and eligibility of the aspirants who will take the 2012 NQESH; and
  6. f.There shall be no extension of the deadline of filing of application forms at the Dos as well as the transmittal of the list of examinees to NEAP Central Office (CO).


  1. 7.The amount of registration fees, collections and guidelines in the transfer of funds to NEAP CO are as follows:


  1. a.The registration fee is placed at Eight Hundred Fifty Pesos (PhP850.00) to defray various costs relative to the administration of the examination, e.g. production of scannable test booklets, automated generation and processing of the results, airfreighthandling fees of scannable test booklets, communications, transportation expense of examination teams from NEAP CO, honoraria of all staff from CO, ROs, Dos, involved in the pre-post work and actual conduct of the examination, development and production of Examiners Manual, item writers workshop, certificates of rating, supplies and materials, administration and management cost, among other;
  2. b.The registration fees shall be collected by the Neap Personnel in the Regional Testing Competency Assessment Unit/Regional Testing Center and each examinee shall be issued a corresponding official receipt by the collecting staff/personnel from the Regional Center/NEAP in the Region; and
  3. c.The total collection shall then be transferred by the Regional NEAP to the NEAP CO three (3) days after receipt of the Billing Statement from the latter. An official receipt will be issued by the NEAP CO upon submission of evidence of transfer of funds by the Regional NEAP.


  1. 8.The RDs shall designate a Regional Coordinator who will be responsible in overseeing and supervising the preparation and the actual administration of the examination at the regional level. The name of the Regional Coordinator-designate should be transmitted to the NEAP CO not later than August 4, 2012.


  1. 9.To ensure a smooth and orderly conduct of the 2012 NQESH, the NEAP CP shall conduct the National Planning Workshop and Orientation of Regional Coordinators to discuss the pre-work requirements and mechanics during the actual conduct of the examination related activities. The exact date and venue of the workshop and orientation will be announced through a DepEd Advisory to be issued by the NEAP CO.


  1. 10.The examination will be held on November 11, 2012 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. simultaneously in the following testing centers.



Testing Center



La Union National High School

San Fernando City, La Union


Caraga National High School

Tuguegarao City


Angeles Central Elementary School

San Fernando, Angeles City


Pedro Guevarra Central School

Sta. Cruz, Laguna


Puerto Princessa NHS

Puerto Princesa City


Tobacco National High School

Tabaco City


Iloilo National High School

Iloilo City


Abellana National High School

Cebu City


Leyte National High School

Tacloban City


Zamboanga City High School

Zamboanga City


Cagayan de Oro City High School

Cagayan de Oro City


Davao City National High School

Davao City


Koronadal National High School

Koronadal, South Cotabato


San Francisco High School

Bago Bantay, Quezon City


Baguio City National High School

Baguio City


Butuan City National High School

Butuan City


  1. 11.All examinees from the smooth ARMM can file their application forms and can take the examination in the following ROs: IX, X, XI and XII.


  1. 12.To ensure the smooth conduct and integrity of the examination, the NEAP CO personnel and staff have crafted the following guidelines for strict compliance of the Regional Testing Coordinators:


  1. a.Assign only 24 examinees in every testing room;
  2. b.Designate at least one (1) chief examiner;
  3. c.Assign one (1) supervising examiner for every three (3) testing rooms;
  4. d.Allocate one (1) examiner and one (!0 proctor per test booklet distribution and retrieval;
  5. e.Provide a secure spacious area for test booklet distribution and retrieval;
  6. f.
  7. g.Provide medical staff and legal officers;
  8. h.Ensure that all testing rooms are well lighted;
  9. i.Avoid the use of selecting the testing rooms across or right beside a rest room, and laboratory rooms as testing rooms.


  1. 13.All staff who will bw involved in the preparation and administration of the examination shall be tapped from the ROs, Dos, and NEAP CO.


  1. 14.For further inquiries, concerned officials, personnel and staff may contact any of the following:


Mr. Antonio G. Ordovez, Jr.

National Project Manager

National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP)

Mobile Phone No.: 918-336-7467


Mr. Eric Herrera

Resource Coordinator, NEAP

Telephone No.: (02) 635-47-96


  1. 15.Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.










                        DepEd Memorandum: Nos. 143, s. 2011 and (140, s. 2009)

                        DepEd Order: (No. 97, s. 2011)


 To be indicated in the Perpetual Index

            Under the following subjects:









ADA/SMA-DM national qualifying examination for school heads FINAL

1381-July 5/18/20, 2012



Training and Development Programs

       In accordance with the Division, Regional, Centers and Bureaus of the DepEd, and in consonance with the overall BESRA effort of the DepEd, to continuously improve basic education, provide basic competencies and achieve Functional Literacy for all by 2015, achieve 100% participation and completion, and improve total performance, the following training and development programs are offered in 2008:

  1. 1.Teachers Training and Development Program
    1. a.Training Workshop on Teaching beginning Reading (5 days)

-          To develop the participants’ competencies in teaching beginning reading in teaching solid or combined classes consisting of pupils from Grades I to III through an integrated approach.

  1. b.Certification program in English (54 hours per course, 4 Courses, face to face classes and e-Training)

-          To complement for the 12-unit deficiency in English in the teacher Education and improve teachers’ English proficiency

  1. 2.Principals Training and Development Programs(Professional Development Courses for School Heads)
    1. a.Basic Course in School-Based Management (4 days)

-          enhance the competencies of the participants as bridging or transformational leaders

  1. b.Training Workshop on the Preparation of the school Improvement Plan (5 days)

-          hone the competencies of the members of the School Planning Team on the preparation of the School improvement plan and the Annual Implementation Plan

  1. c.Instructional leadership course (5 days)

-          enhance the competencies of the participants on class supervision

  1. d.Learning Management Program (4 days)

-          Train the school head, teachers and learners on identifying their strengths and weaknesses, in designing and management of a program that strengthens identified weaknesses.

  1. e.Management of Reading Program (4 days)

-          Train the school head on managing appropriate reading program for their learners.

  1. f.Performance management and Evaluation of Teachers (2 days)

-          train the participants to manage and evaluate performance of staff and teachers through coaching exercises, goal and target setting

  1. g.Simplified Record Keeping (Simplified Accounting System) (11/2 days)

-          Train the school heads of non-implementing units/schools without financial staff on the utilization, disbursement, recording and reporting/liquidating school fund.

  1. h.* Coaching on School Improvement Plan (2 days)

-          Train school heads on how to mentor fellow school heads on finalizing

  1. i.* Monitoring and Evaluation

-          Enhance school heads’ capabilities on monitoring thev progress and on evaluating the implementation their activities/projects and programs identified in their AIP and evaluate viz a vis target

  1. 3.Training and Development Programs for Supervisors
    1. a.Training Program on Transformational Leadership (4 days)

-          Enhance the competencies of the participants as bridging or transformational leaders

  1. b.Instructional Leadership Course (5 days)

-          Enhance the competencies of the participants on class supervision specially on how to mentor school heads

  1. c.Training Program of the Division Appraisal Committee (5 days)

-          Enhance participants on how to review and assess SIP’s submitted by the School Governing Council for acceptance by the Division Office.

  1. d.*Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E)

-          Enhance the participants on ulitization of monitoring and evaluation tools and on analysis and utilization of data derived from M and E.

  1. e.Training Program on Division Education Development Plan
  2. f.*E-Training Programs
  1. 4.Training and Development Programs for Schools Division Superintendents
    1. a.Executive Training Program for EMT passers- (10 days)

-          Further evaluate and honev the competencies of the passers of Educational Management Test (Superintendent Examination) consistent with the authority, accountability and responsibility of the superintendency

  1. b.Training Program on the Preparation of the Division Education Development Plan (for the SDS with the Division Planning Team)
  2. *E-Training Programs – enhance competencies of incumbent Superintendents based on  Training and Development Needs Assessment.
  1. 5.Training and Development Programs for the Regional Directors
    1. a.*Basic Training Program for Directors
    2. b.*Training Program on the Preparation of the Regional Development Plan
  1. 6.Other Training and Development Programs
    1. a.*Capacity and Team Building Training Programs for NEAP Staff
  1. 7.Other Human Resource and Training Development Activities
    1. a.Decentralization of the Human Resources Development and Management -  Establishment of the Regional Educators Academy (REA) with the following services:
      1. 1)Technical Assistance to Division In-Set
      2. 2)Competency Assessment
      3. 3)Accreditation
      4. 4)Research and Development
      5. 5)Monitoring and Evaluation
      6. 6)Succession Planning and Programming
      7. 7)Standards Setting
      8. 8)Instructional Material Development
      9. b.Engaging education Stakeholders in HR in DepEd Activities
      10. Administration of Qualifying Examination for Principals
      11. d.Membership in BESRA TWGs and Active Participation in their Activities
      12. e.Involvement in other HR-Related Activities of the DepEd and other Non-Government Organizations
      13. f.Offering of the NEAP Training Facility to DepEd and Non-DepEd Organizations as Venue for HR Activities

Program #2" >Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education

DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig city, Philippines

Direct lone: (633)-7202 Telefax: (632) 636-4879

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website:


                Undersecretary for Program and Projects

March 14, 2013


                TO                          : Bureaus/Centers directors

                FROM                   : LORNA DIG DINO

                                                  Assistant Secretary

                                                 OIC, Office of the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects

                SUBJECT               : Workshop on Continuing Institutional Updating of the K-to-12 implementation:

  New Schedule and Venue



                        We would like to reconfirm the conduct of the Workshop on Continuing Institutional Updating of the K-to-12 Program Implementation which will now proceed at the RELC, DepED RO IV-A, Malvar, Batangas on April 2-3, 2013.


           The Honorable Secretary, Br.Armin Luistro FSC has reconfirmed his sincere desire to have an afternoon, sharing with the participants via an Hour with the Secretary on April 3, 2013 from 3:00-400 o’clock in the afternoon.


           On the whole, the said activity will have as its theme, “Celebrating Progress and Creating Synergies in K-to-12 Implementation. Correspondingly, at the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to: (1) describe their expected roles in K-to_12; (2) share their accomplishments and lessons learned as K-to-12 implementers; (3) identify issues and concerns in K-to-12 implementation and propose solutions to address the same; (4) be updated on recent curricular development initiatives within the framework or roadmap of the K-to-12 Program; (5) present possible tools for monitoring progress of preparation and implementation; (6) affirm each other for their contributions; and (7) express a unified commitment to serve the Filipino children better than the new curriculum. The Draft Workshop Design is attached for easy reference and perusal.


           As requested earlier, the participants will come from the DepED CO composed of the respective Directors, Assistant Directors, Chiefs, Assistant chiefs and Education Program Specialist of the Curriculum and staff development Divisions of the Bureaus of the Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Alternative Learning System, Health and Nutrition, National Education Testing and Research Center, National Science testing and Instrumentation Center, Teacher Education Council, Instructional Materials Council and NEAP to manage the activity.


           Once again, kindly submit a list of officials and staffs to reconfirm your attendance together with the other officials who will join you in the said workshop on or before March 25, 2013 12:00 noon to facilitate the final listing of the contingents from all concerned bureaus and centers.


           Registration start at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.n. and Opening Ceremonies start @ 1:00p/m/ of the April 2, 2013. Program of activities ends at 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon of April 3, 2013.


           The cost of travel, food, accommodation and materials will be paid for by the Office of the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects through the Human Resource Training and Development Fund (HRTDF), Office of the Secretary, subject to the usual accounting rules and regulations.


           Favorable action on this request will be highly valued.


           Thank you very much.


Resources #1




            By 2030, NEAP is globally recognized for excellence in training and development and for developing educational leaders and managers with personal integrity, professional competencies and commitment to transformational leadership.





  1. 1.Provide specialized educational programs and services for the continuing development of individual and institutional capabilities.
  2. 2.Improve the quality of service of the learning center at the regional and sub-regional levels.
  3. 3.Strengthen the capability of the existing learning center such as the Regional Educational Learning Centers (RELCs) and the Decentralized Learning Resource Centers (DLRCs) in providing services and opportunities to teachers and administrators.
  4. 4.Provide assistance in the maintenance of quality service in the learning centers and maximization of the used of the said centers
  5. 5.Provide continuing strategic human resource development programs for the school managers and leaders within the context of emerging legitimate demands on scarce human and material resources;
  6. 6.Promote synergetic partnership and linkages with centers of excellence locally and internationally, from both government and non-government sectors;
  7. 7.Develop programs that address career planning and pathing for potential educational managers and leaders;
  8. 8.Promote intellectual inquiry into non-traditional and innovative alternative and strategies in educational management;
  9. 9.Serve as a venue and a forum for individual and institutional academic exchange; and
  10. 10.Initiate an assessment and evaluation mechanism to ensure the sustenance of quality development, recruitment, selection and promotion.














NEAP Mandate:                                                                                                                     

Continuous Professional development of all education personnel                                                                             

Training and development

Competency assessment

Professional Dev Materials

Quality Assurance and M&E


Succession Planning



Program Development Management

Program Management

Quality Assurance and M&E






Human Resource







                                                                    Central Office and Field Levels

                                      Professional competency and management & leadership excellence



NEAP Manila




Dr. Ruth L. Fuentes

Director II

Mr. Antonio G. Ortovez Jr.

Administrative Officer V

Dr. Lolita B. Tungpalan

Senior Education Program Specialist

Ms. Caroline Anne C. Miranda


Ms. Lolet R. Escandor

Administrative Staff

Mr. Eduard C. Medrana Jr.

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Alicia B. Gesite


Mr. Rodolfo Fortaleza Jr.


Mr. Alfredo Galleto

Utility Worker








NEAP Baguio City





Lolita C. Palaganas

Administrative Assistant

Jaime S. Pedro

Administrative Aide

Albert Bandola

Administrative Aide

Lolita P. Calip


Martha A. Tino

Utility Worker

Narcisa C. Magno

Administrative Aide

Raymund Halog

Administrative Staff

Christopher G. Paa

Utility Worker



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