Kindergarten Concerns

Under K to 12, will Kindergarten be a pre-requisite for entering Grade 1?

  • Yes. Republic Act No. 10157, or the Kindergarten Education Act, institutionalizes Kindergarten as part of the basic education system and is a pre-requisite for admission to Grade 1.

With K to 12, will there be an overlap between the Day Care program of Local Government Units (LGUs) and DepEd Kindergarten?

  • No. Day Care Centers of LGUs take care of children aged 4 or below, while the DepEd Kindergarten program is intended for children who are at least 5 years old by August 31st of the present school year. Reference, DO no. 47, s. 2016, see page 24.

With K to 12, should schools prepare permanent records for Kindergarten students?

  • Yes. While the assessment on readiness skills of students in Kindergarten is not academically driven, a good measure of the child's ability to cope with formal schooling is needed for future learning interventions.

Who is in charge of Kindergarten teacher compensation?

  • DepEd is the main agency that employs and pays Kindergarten teachers in public schools. However, there are LGUs that help in the Kindergarten program and provide honoraria for additional Kindergarten teachers in public schools.