School Application for Senior High School

Which private institutions are allowed to offer Senior High School?

  • All schools and organizations must first apply for a permit from DepEd. Different institutions may also partner with each other and apply for SHS as a group.
  • Temporary permits will be issued by DepEd for those who meet the requirements for the Senior High School Program.
  • There are 334 private schools with SHS permits beginning in SY 2014 or 2015. Last March 31, 2015, provisional permits have been issued to 1,122 private schools that will offer Senior High School in 2016. 
  • If you are interested in applying for a Senior High School permit, please visit DepEd Memo No. 4, s. 2014.

Can a private school offer Senior High School before SY 2016-2017?

  • Private schools may offer Grade 11 as early as SY 2015-2016 to interested students. However, Senior High School before SY 2016-2017 is voluntary for both private schools and students, and there will be no funding assistance from the government to private Senior High School before SY 2016-2017.

What other information should applicants remember in applying for a SHS permit?

  • All applications must only be submitted via email to
  • Applications must contain the requirements detailed in DepEd Memo No. 4, s. 2014. Only applications with complete documentary requirements will be processed by the SHS-NTF on a first come-first served basis. Submission of letters of intent only will not be processed.
  • The proposed SHS Curriculum consistent with the final SHS Curriculum issued by DepEd must be submitted upon application.

Who receives, evaluates and approves the applications for provisional SHS permits? Who issues the permits?

  • The SHS-National Task Force (SHS-NTF) will receive applications from interested parties, establish the process and criteria in evaluating selected applicants, and evaluate the SHS applications of non-DepEd schools.
  • Regional Offices will be deputized to conduct on-site validation for all applicants. The on-site validation will focus on the provision of SHS requirements for the proposed track/strand, and will certify that a school exhibits the necessary SHS requirements to implement the program.
  • The DepEd Secretary approves applications for the SHS Program and issues provisional permits to applicants upon the recommendation of the Undersecretary for Programs and Projects.
  • The Regional Office releases the provisional permit to the applicant.