How will SHS Affect me? Will I lose my Job?

  • No high school teachers will be displaced.
  • The Department of Education (DepEd) is in constant coordination with CHED and DOLE on the actual number of affected faculty from private higher education institutions (HEIs). The worst-case scenario is that 39,000 HEI faculty will lose their jobs over 5 years. This will only happen if none of the HEIs will put up their own Senior High Schools, which is since we are currently processing over 1,000 SHS applications from private institutions.
  • DepEd is also hiring more than 30,000 new teachers in 2016 alone. The Department will prioritize affected faculty who will apply as teachers or administrators in our SHS.

Why not just realign the K to 12 budget to increase teachers’ salaries?

  • There is no "K to 12" item in the national budget per se. The ongoing implementation of the K to 12 Program involves the provision of basic inputs such as classrooms, teacher items, textbooks, school seats, and toilets. There are also items in the budget for computerization of classrooms, science and math equipment, and teacher training. K to 12 is a reform in the manner and content of education; it is not a single project with a line item budget.
  • There are also ongoing discussions taking place regarding a raise in the salary of public school teachers and all other government employees.

I am a graduate of a science/math/engineering/course. Can I apply as an SHS teacher?

  • Yes. If you are willing to teach on a part-time basis, you will not be required to take and pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).
  • If you want a permanent position, you will need to take and pass the LET within five (5) years after your date of hiring to remain employed full-time.

I am a hired TVI course graduate/HEI faculty/practitioner. Can I apply as an SHS teacher?

  • Graduates of technical-vocational courses must have the necessary certification issued by TESDA and undergo training to be administered by DepEd or HEIs.
  • Faculty of colleges and universities must be full-time professors and be holders of a relevant Bachelor’s degree.
  • DepEd and private schools may also hire practitioners with expertise in the specialized learning areas offered by the K to 12 Program as part-time teachers.
  • Faculty of TVIs and HEIs will be given priority in hiring for the transition period from September 2013 until SY 2021-2022.

I am a practitioner. Can I apply as an SHS teacher?

  • You may teach as part-time teacher in Senior High School under the track subjects. We encourage you to consider this to share your valuable knowledge and experience to our SHS learners.