DepEd Orders

In order to assist higher education institutions (HEIs) to determine the learners who are eligible to proceed to higher education in School Year (SY) 2016-2017, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued DepEd Order (DO)  No. 42, s. 2015 entitled High School Graduates Who are Eligible to Enrol in Higher Education Institutions in School Year (SY) 2016-2017.

Posted on April 19, 2016

For the information and guidance of all concerned, enclosed is a copy of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9083 entitled An Act Establishing the Sta. Rosa Science and Technology High School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Appropriating Funds Therefor.

Posted on April 5, 2016

The provisions stipulated in DepEd Order No. 41, s. 2015 entitled Guidelines on the Senior High School Career Guidance Program (CGP) and Early Registration shall remain in force and in effect except for the following provisions pertaining to the conduct of the early registration...

Posted on October 20, 2015

In School Year (SY) 2012-2013, the Department of Education (DepEd), through DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2012, enjoined all public and private schools to find creative and innovative ways to implement the K to 12 Basic Education Program. As a result, several public and private schools have heeded the challenge by coming up with varied ways of implementing the Enhanced Basic Education Program through...

Posted on September 11, 2015

For the information and guidance of all concerned, enclosed is a copy of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 10618 entitled An Act Establishing Rural Farm Schools as Alternative Delivery Mode of Secondary Education and Appropriating Funds Therefor, otherwise known as Rural Farm Schools Act.

Posted on August 12, 2015

DepEd Order No. 36, s. 2012 was issued to provide information on the implementation of the Senior High School (SHS) Modelling Program for School Year (SY) 2012-2013. The said DepEd Order provided the list of schools which will implement the SHS Modelling Program. However, some schools which are listed in Enclosure No. 1 to this DepEd Order did not proceed with the actual implementation of the SHS Modelling Program for SY 2012-2013.

Posted on August 23, 2012

The Department of Education (DepEd) through the Technical-Vocational Unit (TVU) of the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) aims to sustain the initial gains of the Redesigned/Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education Program in providing high school graduates with opportunities to acquire certifiable vocational and technical skills for employment or entrepreneurship. Eligible Tech-Voc schools and selected Senior High Schools shall be entitled to receive the support fund, subject to the guidelines on availing, release, utilization, and liquidation thereof.

Posted on July 10, 2012

In line with this Department’s thrust of making basic education open and accessible to all learners, an honors program for top students entering Grade 7 in School Year (SY) 2012-2013 will be offered in the Open High School (OHS) of private schools participating in the Education Service Contracting (ESC) Program.

Posted on May 30, 2012

In order to systematize the process and ensure a more systematic approach to bridging gaps in learning as the Department of Education roll out the Grade 7 of the K to 12 Basic Education Program, schools are advised to frame their programs and interventions within the guidelines prescribed in Enclosure No. 1 of this Order.

Posted on May 11, 2012

One of the purposes of the K to 12 program is the need to address the issue on mismatch of competencies and the job requirements of industries and the business sector. This Order contains the guidelines on the 2012 Implementation of the Senior High School Modelling in Selected Technical and Vocational Education and General Secondary Schools Under the K to 12 Basic Education Program

Posted on May 9, 2012