DepEd Orders

Further to existing Ministry issuances, particularly MECS Orders Nos. 14, s. 1984 (“Minimizing Fund-Raising Campaigns Directed at School Teachers and School Children”), 18, s. 1984 (“Discouraging Lavish Receptions for Visiting School Officials”); and 29, s. 1985 (“Guidelines on the Conduct of In-Service Training Programs, Seminars and Similar Activities”), the following activities are being discouraged or strictly limited.
Posted on December 9, 1985
In connection with the administration of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) on the second Sunday of December every year, the Inclosure to MECS Order No. 65, s. 1984, Rule VI – Funding and Allowances of Personnel, under Section b, is changed to: Examiners and Proctors are to receive P50.00 each on examination day, and four (4) days service credit for public school teachers. Personnel from the private schools are covered by the rules and regulations of their respective Board of Trustees.
Posted on December 6, 1985
Quoted hereunder are the contents of Memorandum Circular No. 85-2 dated August 30, 1985 of his Excellency, Prime Minister Cesar E.A.Virata.
Posted on November 27, 1985
In order to be consistent in the provisions of law and to avoid confusion, the agency known as the Project Development and Implementation Management Office (PDIMO) shall hereby revert to the official name of Educational Development Projects Implementing Task Force (EDPITAF) which has been granted legal personality by virtue of P.D. 6-A as amended by P.D. 1235 and which name appears in the General Appropriations Act.
Posted on November 26, 1985
Consonant with Letter of Instructions No. 1424 creating a single student assistance center and Office Order “Implementation of Recommendations of the Management Improvement Project” dated February 27, 1984 directing the merging of the National Scholarship Center (NSC) and the National Educational Loan Assistance Center (NELAC) into the National Scholarship and Student Loan Center (NSSLC), there is hereby defined the organizational and functional structures of the National Scholarship and Student Loan Center for immediate implementation.
Posted on November 8, 1985
In the interest of public service and to facilitate the financial transactions of various MECS Offices with existing and operational accounting units outside Palacio del Gobernador, the following guidelines specifying the type and amount limitations authorized for the signature/countersignature of their respective officials are hereby prescribed.
Posted on September 16, 1985
Pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order No, 805 mandating this Ministry to plan and implement an integrated program of physical fitness and amateur sports in the country, including both those in-school and out-of-school…” eight (8) major programs and twenty-eight (28) initial projects have been identified for implementation starting school year 1985-86.
Posted on August 26, 1985
There is inclosed herewith a Joint Circular issued by the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, on the matter of appointment of public school teachers.
Posted on February 25, 1985