DepEd Orders

 Effective immediately, all regional offices, in consultation with their respective division offices, shall apportion released allotments for maintenance and other operating expenses in specific amount to individual schools in accordance with the following general guidelines
Posted on September 27, 1991
In closed is a copy of Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 91-665 dated May 30, 1991 prescribing the policies in the monetization of vacation leave/service credits of government officials and employees. Likewise, inclosed is a company of the Joint Civil Services Commission and Department of Budget and Management Circular No. 1 dated June 27, 1991 issuing the rules and regulation on the policies enunciated in the above-mentioned CSC resolution.
Posted on August 5, 1991
R.A. No. 6728 entitled “ An Act Providing Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education, and Appropriating Funds. Therefore, “stipulates that it is the declared policy of the State, in conformity with the mandate of the Constitution, to promote and make quality education accessible to all Filipino citizens. The State also hereby recognizes the complementary roles of public and private schools in the educational system and the invaluable contribution they make to education.
Posted on May 27, 1991