DepEd Orders

One of the major concerns of this Department is the empowerment of school principals both in the elementary and secondary high school levels. To implement this thrust, DECS Order No. 17, s. 1997 has been issued which identifies certain functions to be devolved to these officials in selected pilot secondary schools. To prepare the school principals concerned to handle funds properly, an orientation seminar on fiscal management should be conducted for them by their respective regional or division office as early as possible.
Posted on November 4, 1997
The State Assistance Council in its last meeting held on July 10, 1997, agreed on certain revisions of some provisions of DECS Order No. 53, s. 1996, entitled “Transfer of Management of Educational Service Contracting (ESC) and Tuition Fee Supplement (TFS) Programs to the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) for SY 199-¬97.” These revisions have been incorporated in the implementing guidelines found in the Inclosure.
Posted on October 6, 1997