DepEd Orders

In line with the Department’s desire to provide public elementary and secondary schools with quality desks and armchairs at minimum costs, the following guidelines are hereby issued for the procurement of the regional requirements of desks and armchairs.
Posted on July 30, 1999
Notwithstanding the issuance of DECS Order No. 24, s. 1999 entitled “Procedural Guidelines in the Submission of Budgetary Requests for Release and Realignment of Funds including Use of Savings,” it has come to the attention of this Office that there are still a number of such requests being submitted directly to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).
Posted on June 1, 1999
Due to funding problems, this Department is constrained to declare a moratorium on the establishment of new public high schools, opening of annexes/extension classes, separation and conversion of schools requiring DECS approval.
Posted on April 28, 1999