DepEd Orders

During the early part of this month, the Manila public school teachers went on mass leave purportedly to seek implementation by the City Government of certain statutory obligations prescribed in existing executive issuances which they claim are legally due them. The MPSTA represented that the mass leave was not for the purpose of securing changes in their terms and conditions of employment.
Posted on December 29, 1986
For the information and guidance of all concerned, National Compensation Circular No. 43-A, dated December 9, 1986 of the Ministry of Budget and Management on the subject: “Amendatory Circular to NCC No. 43 dated November 26, 1986 on the Year-End Bonus of National Government Officials and Employees Pursuant to Executive Order No. 74, dated November 26, 1986,” is reprinted on the reverse side.
Posted on December 18, 1986
For the information and guidance of the field, inclosed is Resolution No. 1800 from the Commission on Elections regarding the Education Ministry’s involvement in the coming 1987 Plebiscite.
Posted on December 15, 1986
Herewith is a copy of Executive Order No. 32, dated July 24, 1986, entitled “Directing the Establishment of a Program for the Conversion of Philippine External Debt into Equity Investments,” for the information and guidance of school officials and other concerned.
Posted on December 12, 1986
It is intention of this Order to caution the regional directors to be wary over the activities of these solicitor-agents. Regional directors shall, before approving any requisition of doubtful origin and/or unsupported by the approved Program of Expenditures, and funds, should immediately call the attention of the schools superintendent(s) concerned and require him to explain his acquiescence to such an improper deal.
Posted on December 5, 1986
Inclosed is a copy of National Compensation Circular No. 43 dated November 26, 1986 granting year-end bonus to National Government officials and employees which is self-explanatory.
Posted on December 3, 1986
This Order covers the short-term courses as prescribed in the 1983 Minimum Standards for Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Courses. Software packages, newly developed skill building computer courses such as Computer Technician, Computer Audit and awareness courses, and seminar/orientation-type courses are not included.
Posted on December 2, 1986
The Zamboanga del Norte Agricultural College, upon the recommendation of the Bureau of Higher Education and the Technical Panel for Agricultural Education, is hereby authorized to offer Bachelor of Science in Forestry, major in Agroforestry effective SY 1983-84.
Posted on November 25, 1986
Regional directors are enjoined to create an Ad Hoc Committee on Nonformal Education in each regional office. Composition of the said committee indicating the names and positions should be submitted to this Ministry (Attention: Bureau of Continuing Education) as soon as possible.
Posted on November 24, 1986
In recognition of the role of private education in an integrated system of higher education and cognizant of its potentials to contribute to national development, a Task Force to Study Private Education is hereby created.
Posted on November 21, 1986