DepEd Orders

Conformably to DECS Order No. 72, s. 1987, the DECS Special Committee on Public Service Ethics and Accountability is hereby created to perform the following functions.
Posted on December 22, 1987
Compliance with these policies and guidelines by all concerned is deemed necessary towards providing equitable access to educational opportunities and achieving quality education. Likewise, reinforcement of efforts of both government and non-government sectors in the implementation of these is hereby enjoined.
Posted on December 5, 1987
For the guidance of all concerned and for future reference, the reply to the query of Executive Secretary Macaraig regarding the use by refugees of school houses or premises as their homes and residences is hereunder quoted.
Posted on December 1, 1987
On the basis of the recommendation of the Bureau of Higher Education, the Aklan Agricultural College is hereby authorized to offer the Bachelor of Secondary Education course major in Livelihood Education effective SY 1987-88.
Posted on November 23, 1987
Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 16, s. 1987, of the Civil Service Commission dated October 20, 1987, the composition of the DECS Selection and Placement Committee created under DECS Order No. 83, s. 1987, is hereby revised to include the following as additional members.
Posted on November 20, 1987
Inclosed is a copy of Memorandum Circular no. 18, s. 1987, of the Civil Service Commission which provides, among others, that “mandatory 5-day vacation leave for 1986, 1987 and thereafter shall be forfeited if not taken during the year.” In this connection, attention is invited to MECS Orders Nos. 30 and 38, both series of 1986, regarding the guidelines on the implementation of Executive Order No. 1077.
Posted on November 17, 1987
The inclosed Memorandum of Agreement on the implementation of PD 907 (Granting Civil Service Eligibility to College Honor Graduates), as amended, entered into by and between the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) revises the 1977 Memorandum of Agreement between the two government agencies.
Posted on November 13, 1987
The set of Policies and Standards, approved by this Office upon the recommendation of the deans and department heads of schools offering Maritime Education and the Bureau of Higher Education, embodies the general principle and guidelines for the establishment and operation of maritime courses. The standards have been set after a series of workshops and consultation meetings with institutions offering maritime courses, professional organizations and representatives of industry.
Posted on November 10, 1987
The inclosed set of policies and standards approved by this Office upon the recommendation of the Technical Panel for Engineering Education (TPEE) and the Bureau of Higher Education embodies the principle and guidelines for the establishment and operation of engineering graduate programs.
Posted on November 6, 1987
Pursuant to the mandate of the Technical Panel for Engineering Education (TPEE) to upgrade the quality of engineering programs in the country and in consideration of the deteriorating state of Geodetic Engineering education and practice, as well as the need to cope with the rapid advancement in the science and technology of geodesy and photogrammetry, a technical committee is hereby created to review and upgrade the policies and standards for the Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering Program.
Posted on October 26, 1987