DepEd Orders

For the information and guidance of the field, attached is a copy of a letter dated October 20, 1988 of the Solicitor General on the subject "Expeditious Disposition of Cases", pursuant to Administrative Circular No. 4 of the Supreme Court, which is self-explanatory.
Posted on December 23, 1988
The Department hereby reiterates the policy prohibiting the direct or indirect solicitation of insurance coverages and the availment of loans by, and from public school teachers and other employees, and hereby warns DECS officials and personnel engaging in such practices that they shall face administrative disciplinary action for any violation of this policy.
Posted on December 9, 1988
The Department of Education, Culture and Sports, through the Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education (BTVE), has come up with short-term courses (6 months and below) in agriculture and fisheries to be implemented by selected agricultural and fishery schools/colleges to better respond to immediate demands of the economy in the respective service communities.
Posted on December 9, 1988
Consistent with Cabinet Resolution No. 16, s. 1988, the Department Legislative Liaison Office (DLLO) is hereby created including its secretariat support services under the Office of the Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs.
Posted on December 7, 1988
The Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) is a five-year (1989-1993) development program that aims to improve the quality of education and internal efficiency of the system and expand access and equity particularly at the local level.
Posted on December 2, 1988
Memorandum Circular No. 65 dated June 14, 1988 of the Office of the President limiting the extension of service of officials and employees who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 years to six (6) months only in extremely meritorious cases is reproduced on the reverse side for the information and guidance of the field.
Posted on November 28, 1988
In the interest of the service, regional directors are hereby authorized to approve payments and sign checks not exceeding One Million Pesos (P1,000,000.00) to facilitate implementation of the Free Public Secondary Education Act of CY 1988.
Posted on November 22, 1988
In order to ensure the timely and satisfactory execution of and compliance with the contract documents and construction agreements by the contractors, the Construction Management Committee shall provide and undertake the following services, among others, during the actual construction of the regional office buildings and project-close phases.
Posted on November 17, 1988
Inclosed is a copy of Memorandum Circular No. 17 dated October 14, 1988 of the Civil Service Commission which is self-explanatory.
Posted on November 14, 1988
There are certain regions like Regions I, V, VI and VII where the GSIS Regional Offices approve the claims of field personnel and sends the approved retirement gratuity direct to the DECS Regional Offices.
Posted on November 11, 1988