DepEd Orders

Section 3. Part a of Title II of Republic Act No. 6948, otherwise known as “An Act Standardizing and Upgrading the Benefits for Military Veterans and Their Dependents” is quoted in this Order for the information and guidance of field.
Posted on December 17, 1990
It has come to the attention of this Department that newly nationalized high schools, particularly the barangay high schools, are still being supervised by district supervisors. For all legal intents and purposes, all newly nationalized general and vocational high schools are under the administration and supervision of Schools Division/City Superintendents.
Posted on November 29, 1990
In view of the Government’s renewed call for economy measures, the procurement of needed items shall be strictly based on approved allocations and prices that have been previously approved by this Office.
Posted on November 23, 1990
Presidents or Heads of private schools, colleges and universities must submit a certification, copy inclosed, properly notarized, stating (1) that the 70% share of tuition fee increases collected in June 1990 was distributed to the teaching and non-teaching personnel in the form of salaries, wages, allowances, and other benefits in compliance with Section 5.2.c of R.A. 6728, and (2) that the P25.00 mandated wage order in 1989 in accordance with R.A. 6727 was implemented.
Posted on November 23, 1990
In view of the Government’s renewed call for economy measures coupled with the insufficient allotment for the payment of salary standardization, retirement benefits, bonuses and other priority items, everyone is enjoined to limit expenditures and prioritize requests for the release of funds chargeable against calamity fund and other sources for Calendar Year 1990.
Posted on November 22, 1990
Through DECS Order No. 62, s. 1988, the accreditation of units earned by students in foreign schools was delegated to school registrars and deans. However, it has been observed that schools have widely differed in their evaluation of units earned in foreign schools.
Posted on November 19, 1990
Pursuant to a Memorandum issued by the Office of the President on October 26, 1990 relative to the recent “WELGA LABAN SA BAYAN”, all DECS employees/teachers who participated in the strikes and mass actions during the so-called “WELGA LABAN SA BAYAN” should be made to explain in writing within seventy-two (72) hours from notice why no disciplinary action should be instituted against them.
Posted on November 19, 1990
To clearly define and delineate the responsibilities of the Payroll Services Division and the regional Offices in the payment of teachers salaries and allowances under Section 4.2.10 of DBM Circular Letter No. 90-22 dated September 21, 1990, any claim covering salaries of substitute teachers, new appointees, prior month/year unpaid teachers’ salaries and emoluments not included in the payroll prepared by PSD shall be paid through the issuance of an MDS check by the regional offices until these are incorporated in the regular payroll. The Payroll Services Division (PSD) shall take care of current regular payments of salaries and other emoluments.
Posted on November 16, 1990
The importance of international travel for the education and overall formation of the youth cannot be gained. In particular, it is strongly felt that international travel broadens the social and cultural perspective of the youth and develops in them a sense of patriotism and nationalism.
Posted on November 15, 1990
Considering the provision of the charters of state universities and colleges designating the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) as Chairman of the Board of Regents/Trustees, there is hereby created in the DECS, based at the Bureau of Higher Education (BHE), and a permanent Secretariat.
Posted on November 15, 1990