DepEd Orders

The effectivity of DECS Order No. 51, s. 1992 issued on May 14, 1992 which rescinded DECS regulations granting service credits to teacher for attendance in seminars, workshops and training during vacation days, shall begin on June 1, 1992. All previously authorized service is earned for training attended during the summer months of April and May, 1992 will continue to be enjoyed by the teachers concerned. However, DECS Order No. 51, s. 1992 shall be fully implemented starting June 1, 1992.
Posted on December 28, 1992
To implement the present thrusts for greater academic and administrative flexibility for private educational instructions, especially at the tertiary level, and to state colleges and universities were applicable, the following policies and proceedings contained in previous issuances of this office is hereby revoked.
Posted on December 28, 1992
For the information and guidance of all concerned, Sections 3(b) and 4 of Executive Order No. 198, s. 1987 dated June 18, 1987, are hereby amended to read as stated in this Order.
Posted on December 24, 1992
Reproduced on the reverse side is a copy of R.A. No. 7502, entitled “An Act Changing the Name of the Felipe Abrigo Memorial School of Arts and Trades in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, to Felipe Abrigo National Memorial College of Arts and Trades.”
Posted on December 20, 1992
For the continuous implementation of the PESFA program for school year 1993-1994, the Bureau of Higher Education, Department of Education, Culture and Sports announces the availability of 41,322 new slots for PESFA applicants nationwide.
Posted on December 17, 1992
This Office wishes to announce the appointment of Mr. Rolando C. Brillantes as Director IV of the Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports, this Department, effective December 4, 1992.
Posted on December 14, 1992
For the information of all concerned, inclosed is a copy of a decision of the Supreme Court en banc dated October 22, 1992 in OR No. 100091 entitled, Central Mindanao University, declaring the decision of the DARAG dated September 4, 1989 and the decision of the Court of Appeals dated August 20, 1990, affirming the decision of the quasi-judicial body, as null and void and sustaining the right of ownership of Central Mindanao University over its school site.
Posted on December 11, 1992
Attached is Memorandum Circular No. 34, s. 1992 of the Civil Service Commission entitled “Establishing the Scholarship Program for Government and Providing for Its Effective Administration” with its implementing guidelines.
Posted on December 10, 1992
With reference to DECS Order No. 128, s. 1991 on the Procedures and Guidelines for the Availment of the Property Replacement Fund, the following clarification is made.
Posted on December 1, 1992
For the information of all concerned, reproduced on the reverse side is a copy of the letter from Executive Secretary Edelmiro A. Amante, Sr., dated October 27, 1992, exempting all state universities and colleges from the provisions of Section 4(b) of Administrative Order No. 265 which limits the filling of positions to only 25% of vacant positions, as of December 31, 1991, subject to the Civil Service Commission’s rules on RA 7430.
Posted on November 24, 1992