DepEd Orders

In view of queries on the holding of field trips by public schools in the light of the policy  of  no collection  of  fees  during  enrollment,  the  following  clarification is being made.
Posted on December 20, 2001
Acceptance or Non-Acceptance of Infrastructure Projects shall be the primary responsibility of principals. Henceforth, only principals may issue and sign Certificates of Acceptance or Non-Acceptance of infrastructure projects constructed or completed within their respective school sites, using the standard form hereto attached and made part hereof.
Posted on December 20, 2001
To commemorate Filipino Values Month and to inculcate values of patriotism and good citizenship in ail Filipinos, the revised Panatang Makabayan  shall henceforth be used in ail public and private elementary and secondary schools. 
Posted on November 12, 2001
Pursuant to the Constitutional guarantee on the rights of citizens to freedom of religion and non-discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, creed or color, all schools should strive to ensure that these rights of students are protected and strengthened.
Posted on October 29, 2001
Regarding the Procedures/Guidelines for Secondary Schools, the following are hereby added on Item d, bullet nos. 1 and 2, page 86 of DECS Service Manual 2000.
Posted on October 11, 2001
The Campus Journalism Act of 1991 upholds and protects the freedom of the press even at the campus level. It promotes the development and growth of campus journalism as a means of strengthening ethical values, encouraging critical and creative thinking and developing moral character and personal discipline of the Filipino youth.
Posted on September 27, 2001
In order to make the DECS Provident Fund more responsive and relevant to the needs of DECS officials and employees, this Office is issuing the enclosed program’s revised implementing guidelines.
Posted on September 26, 2001
In order to facilitate the Implementation of the various projects of the Department, a Bids and Awards Committee hereinafter called the BAC Is hereby created.
Posted on September 25, 2001
In view of the appointment or Dr. Fe A. Hidalgo as Undersecretary for Programs, DECS Order No. 29, s. 2001 is hereby amended.
Posted on September 20, 2001
Inclosed is a copy of CSC MC No. 19, s. 2001 adopting guidelines for conversion of positions from non-career to career.
Posted on September 11, 2001