DepEd Orders

The recognition of the importance of preschool education in the development of children has brought about the establishment of a large number of preschool programs in the Philippines.
Posted on December 27, 2002
DepEd Order No. 50, s. 2002, copy attached, provides the conditions and stipulations necessary to authorize the establishment of an interim city schools division in the newly converted cities where the creation thereof is provided in their respective charters but which do not meet the DepEd-DBM minimum requirement of 750 teachers.
Posted on December 17, 2002
Executive Order No. 130 of September 2002, (lncl.1) provides for the establishment of GABAY SA MAMAMAYAN AKSYON CENTERS in all barangays nationwide. These Centers which will become an integral part of the Information and Reading Center, shall serve as the institutional link between the national government and the grassroots in ensuring the adequacy and accessibility of quality information about national government programs and services to community residents.
Posted on December 17, 2002
Due to increasing cost of printing materials, maintenance of computers and man hours for data-processing of test data, the registration fee for walk-in examination in the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) shall be Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) effective January 1, 2003.
Posted on December 17, 2002
The Youth Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism in Schools (YECS) Program after five school years of implementation, has been established and institutionalized in the schools nationwide as an effective co-curricular program in support of and as an enrichment of the skills development and training program in work-related activities in the curriculum at the secondary level, particularly Entrepreneurship as one component of Teknolohiya, Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TEPP) of the MAKABAYAN subject.
Posted on December 13, 2002
Per DepEd Oder No. 43, s. 2002, entitled "The 2002 Basic Education Curriculum MAKABAYAN” as a learning area shall be headed by a Coordinator designated from among the Head Teachers of the MAKABAYAN component subjects.
Posted on November 15, 2002
For CY 2002, all Regional Science High Schools (RSHSs) will be given financial aid in the amount of One Million Four Hundred Thousand Pesos (P 1,400, 000.00) each for specific purposes under budget line for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).
Posted on November 8, 2002
To fast track the implementation of the GASTPE Program (ESC/TFS) for SY 2002-2003, Guidelines and Procedures shall be adopted.
Posted on October 28, 2002
In light of the recent vehicular accident in Isabela resulting in the death of several elementary schoolchildren who went on an educational field trip, guidelines are being issued in addition to those contained in DepEd Order No. 56 s. 2001.
Posted on October 25, 2002
Pursuant to DepEd-DBM organization and staffing standards, a schools division may be established in. each city with at least 750 public elementary and secondary school teachers, including Head Teachers and Principals. A city with less than 750 public school teachers remains under the jurisdiction of a provincial schools division.
Posted on October 21, 2002