DepEd Orders

Inclosed is a copy of Executive Order No. 6 promulgated on March 12, 1986, authorizing heads of ministries and government-owned or controlled corporations to approve travels abroad of officials and employees except those specified therein.
Posted on April 7, 1986
Effective immediately, the authorized signature on official correspondence and financial matters emanating from the Central Office of this Ministry shall be as indicated in this Order.
Posted on March 20, 1986
The field is hereby informed that Her Excellency, President Corazon C. Aquino has appointed MR. ARTHUR D. DEFENSOR (UNIDO, Iloilo), Dr. MINDA C. SUTARIA (Director, Bureau of Elementary Education, MECS) and Mr. JOSE P. DE JESUS (Executive Vice-President, DAP and Executive Director, Career Executive Service Board) as Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports effective March 5, 1986.
Posted on March 5, 1986
It has come to the attention of this Office that school teachers/personnel and administrators who are called to attend seminars, workshops, training programs, official meetings, and the like sometimes bear the cost of transportation and whatever meals they have on the way. In view of this following policies on training activities are hereby adopted by this Office.
Posted on February 21, 1986
Section III of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, 7th Edition (1970), and the Education Act of 1982 provide general and specific requirements for private schools in all levels. However, it is deemed necessary that standards, particularly for kindergarten schools, be set in order to respond to the growing need and interest of the public. Inclosed is a set of standards for the organization and operation of kindergarten schools.
Posted on February 14, 1986
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has scheduled pilot tryouts of the 1989 Secondary School Curriculum in the different regions, as follows.
Posted on February 3, 1986
The inclosed “Essentials and Requirements for Issuance of Authority to Operate a Medical School,” as approved by the Board of Medical Education, is hereby issued for strict observance in the establishment of a medical school and in the grant of government authority for the operation of the four-year course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), beginning the school year 1986-87.
Posted on January 28, 1986
Inclosed is a copy of Executive Order No. 1077 promulgated on January 9, 1986 to the effect that any officer or employee of the government who retires or voluntarily resigns or is separated from the service on or after January 9, 1986, shall be entitled to the computation of all accumulated vacation and/or sick leaves to his credit exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, without limitation as to the number of days of vacation and sick leave that he may accumulate.
Posted on January 23, 1986
Reports received by this Office are to the effect that certain medical schools are still giving their own institutional admission tests which may be duplicatory to the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and contrary to the provisions of paragraph 3 of MECS Order No. 52, s. 1985. With the view to avoid any problems regarding giving of medical institutional admission tests, the following specific rules as approved by the Board of Medical Education shall be strictly observed.
Posted on January 20, 1986
This policy proposes to give the graduate of some high schools with inadequate resource capabilities a chance to catch up and thus compete on even footing with graduates of the better high schools. For this purpose, remedial courses are to be offered to graduates who feel a need for upgrading their high school education.
Posted on January 8, 1986