DepEd Orders

Inclosed is a copy of National Compensation Circular No. 35 dated March 19, 1985, on the salary increases of national government officials and employees effective January 1, 1985 which is self-explanatory.
Posted on April 3, 1985
For the information and guidance of all concerned, there is inclosed a copy of Memorandum Circular No. 2, s. 1985, of the Civil Service Commission prescribing the guidelines on the filing of application for vacation leave of absence, which is self-explanatory.
Posted on April 2, 1985
Pursuant to the provision of LOI 1221 of the Office of the President and in line with the Ministry’s efforts to upgrade the quality of Madaris, standards and guidelines for applying for a permit to operate, renewal of courses and recognition of Madaris and for their operation have been formulated.
Posted on April 1, 1985
Beginning SY 1984-85, no school shall be allowed to conduct extension classes, whether in the same municipality or city where the main school is located, or in another municipality or city.
Posted on March 15, 1985
The filling of district supervisor, medical officer and dentist positions is hereby authorized in addition to the positions specified in MECS Order No. 3, s. 1985.
Posted on March 1, 1985
Effective immediately, Deputy Minister Salvador B. Britanico shall be in charge of all legal matters, including administrative cases. All papers on administrative cases and legal matters should henceforth be submitted to Deputy Minister Britanico.
Posted on February 26, 1985
There is inclosed herewith a Joint Circular issued by the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, on the matter of appointment of public school teachers.
Posted on February 25, 1985
The schools superintendents shall recommend to the regional directors not later than March 29, 1985 the eighteen public elementary schools in their respective divisions which will be the initial beneficiaries of the program.
Posted on February 25, 1985
In accordance with the Revised CAT and CMT Program of Instructions issued last August 1983 by the GHQ of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the MECS shall be responsible for the implementation of the Citizen Army Training (CAT) in high schools.
Posted on February 14, 1985
In view hereof and given the present economic exigency, the field is hereby reminded once more to observe utmost simplicity in school commencement exercises and related activities, as provided in MECS Order No. 12, s. 1984.
Posted on February 11, 1985