DepEd Orders

It has been noted that a number of officials, specifically Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors leave their stations to come to Manila or go elsewhere without prior approval of this Office. Reminder is hereby given that all travels of Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs) outside their stations must have prior approval of the Minister.
Posted on February 6, 1985
Comprehensive planning in the procurement of property, materials, supplies, and equipment is mandatory. The Supply Officer should plan with the Budget Officer to assure a budget allocation consistent with the service requirements of the offices concerned.
Posted on February 4, 1985
The Philippine Association for Graduate Education (PAGE), through its President, has made formal representations with the undersigned informing that PAGE is still preparing proposed basic curricular requirements for each graduate course, and requested that while the said requirements are still being formulated, grant of permit and recognition for masteral and doctoral programs shall be decided by the Minister.
Posted on February 1, 1985
The inclosed set of policies and standards including the curricular guidelines for the Basic Security Guard Course and Pre-Licensing Training Course embodies the general principles and guidelines for the establishment and operation of security training centers as well as the program of instruction for the security training course.
Posted on February 1, 1985
The Ministry is concerned over class disruptions that are encouraged by certain groups as a means of achieving economic and other objectives. While the government has committed to the increase in teacher welfare and is aware of the pressing need to raise teacher salaries, its means are limited and it is unable to immediately implement deserved and intended increases in compensation.
Posted on January 31, 1985
In connection with certain mass actions of Ministry employees, notably teachers, reminder is hereby given to school administrators of regulations on attendance and service.
Posted on January 30, 1985
The present Scholarship Committee assumes the combined functions of the Scholarship Committee and the Advisory Committee on the International Scholarship and Conference as indicated in MECS Order No. 1, s. 1980 and Office Memorandum dated September 13, 1978, respectively.
Posted on January 21, 1985
The use of public school buildings and/or grounds/campus for the holding of religious services/activities for the benefit of pupils on Sundays and holidays may be allowed provided that such use does not interfere with regular school activities and that this privilege is equally extended to all religious groups.
Posted on January 18, 1985
The circular or notice of loss to be issued to all collecting and disbursing officers will apply only to those accountable forms generally used in the local government, national agencies and government corporations. In case of accountable forms specially designed for the exclusive use of the agency, the loss need not be circularized to other agencies since such forms may not be used by other government offices.
Posted on January 15, 1985
In consonance with Commission on Audit Circular No. 84-234 dated October 5, 1984, copy inclosed unit auditors need not sign clearances of management officials and personnel. Action on clearances is purely a management function consistent with the now well-established principle that fiscal responsibility rests with the agency.
Posted on January 11, 1985