Calling all Senior High School graduates

May 23, 2016

The Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) in Negros Occidental was chosen as one of the pilot schools to implement Senior High School (SHS) in SY 2012-2013. For their initial offering they chose Contact Center Service Course for their 52 enrollees who graduated in Junior High School from the said school.
This development opened doors of opportunities for two students, who at first had their doubts on the SHS program. “Back then I viewed the SHS as an additional expense to my parents and to myself,” said Janse Richnella Padilla.
Also sharing the same outlook is Ma. Andrea Minasalvas, “I thought of it as an additional burden to both the students and their parents. Students would waste more time in school and parents shoulder additional expenses to send their children to school.”
However, things begun to change when Padilla and Minasalvas saw the fruits of the SHS Program.
“Three months before I graduated from SHS, I already started working as an agent in one of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in Bacolod. Because of the knowledge I learned and the skills I developed, I became more confident about myself. Since then I see life differently,” said Padilla.
“Now I am reaping the benefits of SHS, I see the whole thing differently. Maybe it’s an added burden, but the return is much more. It’s not only the financial return but also the change in character and attitude, the confidence and maturity, and a lot more,” Minasalvas said.
After finishing the program, many of NOHS Senior High School graduates are now employed in different BPO companies in Bacolod City.
Laying out the foundations of reform
Things have not been easy also for NOHS. Prior to its implementation, the school faced a lot of challenges due to the bulk of requirements that it needs to comply with, but believing in the power of change along with perseverance, NOHS was able to get over the hump.
“With patience and cooperation of the faculty and staff, we were to craft a model program that still being carried out until now by the qualified members of the Faculty,” said Mario Amarca, NOHS Principal.
Then soon after, NOHS was able to forge a partnership through a Memorandum of Agreement with the Negros Occidental Language and Information Center of the provincial government for access of the learning laboratory and expertise of the center’s staff.