Misamis St., Bago Bantay Quezon City
(ROP and OUS) ( FUND 101)
As of December 31, 2015
           FUND 101 
Current Assets  
  Cash and Cash Equivalents                                   27,058,220.26
    Cash on Hand                                        283,245.76
      Cash-Collecting Officers                                        135,715.76
      Petty Cash                                        147,530.00
    Cash in Bank-Local Currency                                   26,559,578.85
      Cash in Bank-Local Currency, Current Account                                   26,559,578.85
    Treasury/Agency Cash Accounts                                        215,395.65
      Cash-Treasury/Agency Deposit,  Regular                                        215,395.65
      Cash-Treasury/Agency Deposit,  Trust                                                           -  
      Cash- Modified Disbursement System (MDS), Regular                                                          -  
      Cash -Modified Disbursement System (MDS), Trust                                                           -  
      Cash-Tax Remittance Advice                                                          -  
  Receivables                                     4,906,211.12
    Loans and Receivable Accounts                                                          -  
      Accounts Receivable  
      Allowance for Impairment-Accounts Receivable  
      Loans Receivable-Others  
      Allowance for Impairment-Loans Receivable-Others  
      Net Value-  Loans Receivable-Others  
    Inter-Agency Receivables                                        424,845.02
      Due from National Government Agencies                                        424,845.02
      Due from Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations                                                          -  
    Intra-Agency Receivables                                                          -  
      Due from Central Office                                                          -  
      Due from Regional Offices                                                          -  
      Due from Operating Units                                                          -  
    Other Receivables                                      4,481,366.10
      Receivables-Disallowances/Charges                                                          -  
      Due from Officers and Employees                                     4,305,329.65
      Due from Non-Government Organizations/People's Organizations                                                          -  
      Other Receivables                                        176,036.45
      Allowance for Impairment-Other Receivables  
      Net Value-Other Receivables  
  Inventories                                     4,864,047.47
    Inventory Held for Distribution                                        120,771.00
      Food Supplies for Distribution  
      Welfare Goods for Distribution  
      Drugs and Medicines for Distribution  
      Medical, Dental and Laboratory Supplies for Distribution  
      Agricultural and Marine Supplies for Distribution  
      Agricultural Produce for Distribution  
      Textbooks and Instructional Materials for Distribution                                        120,771.00
      Construction Materials for Distribution  
      Property and Equipment for Distribution                                                          -  
      Other Supplies and Materials for Distribution  
    Inventory Held for Consumption                                     4,743,276.47
      Office Supplies Inventory                                     2,968,016.87
      Accountable Forms, Plates and Stickers Inventory                                                          -  
      Food Supplies Inventory  
      Drugs and Medicines Inventory                                                          -  
      Medical, Dental and Laboratory Supplies Inventory                                             3,956.40
      Fuel, Oil and Lubricants Inventory  
      Textbooks and Instructional Materials Inventory                                                          -  
      Construction Materials Inventory  
      Other Supplies and Materials Inventory                                     1,771,303.20
  Other Current Assets                                145,757,053.56
    Advances                                143,983,383.25
      Advances for Operating Expenses                                   83,474,916.25
      Advances for Payroll                                     4,129,728.62
      Advances to Special Disbursing Officers                                     5,284,098.33
      Advances to Officers and Employees                                   51,094,640.05
    Prepayments                                     1,773,670.31
      Advances to Contractors                                     1,773,670.31
      Prepaid Rent                                                          -  
      Prepaid Insurance                                                          -  
      Other Prepayments                                                          -  
    Deposits                                                           -  
      Deposit on Letters of Credit  
      Guaranty Deposits                                                          -  
      Other Deposits  
  Total Current Assets                                182,585,532.41
  Property, Plant and Equipment                             2,433,739,276.93
    Land                                     21,000,000.00
      Land                                   21,000,000.00
      Accumulated Impairment  Losses- Land  
      Net Value                                   21,000,000.00
    Buildings and Other Structures                             1,961,239,405.82
      Buildings                                     7,893,445.72
      Accumulated Depreciation-Buildings                                                          -  
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Buildings  
      Net Value                                     7,893,445.72
      School Buildings                              2,299,920,621.51
      Accumulated Depreciation-School Buildings                                (368,401,602.67)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-School Buildings  
      Net Value                             1,931,519,018.84
      Hostels and Dormitories  
      Accumulated Depreciation-Hostels and Dormitories  
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Hostels and Dormitories  
      Net Value                                                          -  
      Other Structures                                   30,340,980.37
      Accumulated Depreciation-Other Structures                                   (8,514,039.11)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Other Structures  
      Net Value                                   21,826,941.26
     Machinery  and Equipment                                    78,402,169.13
       Machinery                                                          -  
      Accumulated Depreciation-Machinery                                                           -  
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Machinery  
      Net Value                                                          -  
      Office Equipment                                112,588,603.55
      Accumulated Depreciation-Office Equipment                                 (69,986,866.37)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Office Equipment  
      Net Value                                   42,601,737.18
      Information and Communication Technology  Equipment                                    81,243,774.45
      Accumulated Depreciation-Information and Communication and Tech Equipment                                 (52,920,766.95)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Information and Communication and Technology Equipment  
      Net Value                                   28,323,007.50
      Communication Equipment                                     2,700,710.12
      Accumulated Depreciation-Communication Equipment                                   (1,147,809.16)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Communication Equipment  
      Net Value                                     1,552,900.96
      Disaster Response and Rescue Equipment                                             5,000.00
      Accumulated Depreciation-Disaster Response and Rescue Equipment                                           (4,050.00)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Disaster Response and Rescue Equipment  
      Net Value                                                950.00
      Medical Equipment                                        710,966.00
      Accumulated Depreciation-Medical Equipment                                       (415,092.87)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Medical Equipment  
      Net Value                                        295,873.13
      Printing Equipment                                                          -  
      Accumulated Depreciation-Printing Equipment                                                          -  
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Printing Equipment  
      Net Value                                                          -  
      Sports Equipment                                        557,453.57
      Accumulated Depreciation-Sports Equipment                                       (153,551.64)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Sports Equipment  
      Net Value                                        403,901.93
      Technical and Scientific  Equipment                                      7,607,978.98
      Accumulated Depreciation-Technical and Scientific  Equipment                                   (4,144,376.05)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Technical and Scientific  Equipment  
      Net Value                                     3,463,602.93
      Other Machinery and Equipment                                      3,841,165.41
      Accumulated Depreciation-Other Machinery and Equipment                                    (2,080,969.91)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Other Machinery and Equipment   
      Net Value                                     1,760,195.50
    Transportation Equipment                                        214,660.00
      Motor Vehicles                                     1,249,100.00
      Accumulated Depreciation-Motor Vehicles                                   (1,034,440.00)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Motor Vehicles  
      Net Value                                        214,660.00
      Other Transportation Equipment  
      Accumulated Depreciation-Other Transportation Equipment  
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Other Transportation Equipment  
      Net Value                                                          -  
    Furniture, Fixtures and Books                                     90,026,749.80
      Furniture and Fixtures                                 119,598,634.15
      Accumulated Depreciation-Furniture and Fixtures                                 (33,489,577.71)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Furniture and Fixtures  
      Net Value                                   86,109,056.44
      Books                                      5,468,462.07
      Accumulated Depreciation-Books                                   (1,550,768.71)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Books  
      Net Value                                     3,917,693.36
    Other Property, Plant and Equipment                                     3,202,231.13
      Other Property, Plant and Equipment                                     8,661,430.77
      Accumulated Depreciation-Other Property, Plant and Equipment                                   (5,459,199.64)
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Other Property, Plant and Equipment  
      Net Value                                     3,202,231.13
    Construction in Progress                                279,654,061.05
      Construction in Progress-Buildings and Other Structures                                279,654,061.05
  Other Non-Current Assets                                     2,472,743.38
    Other Assets                                     2,472,743.38
      Other Assets                                     2,472,743.38
      Accumulated Impairment Losses-Other Assets  
      Net Value                                     2,472,743.38
  Total Non-Current Assets                             2,436,212,020.31
TOTAL ASSETS                             2,618,797,552.72
  Current Liabilities  
    Payables                                   12,757,045.17
      Accounts Payable                                     2,065,589.90
      Due to Officers and Employees                                   10,691,455.27
  Inter-Agency Payables                                   32,040,729.73
      Due to BIR                                     3,505,502.84
      Due to GSIS                                   26,486,948.67
      Due to Pag-IBIG                                        183,688.33
      Due to PhilHealth                                        372,814.56
      Due to NGAs                                     1,491,775.33
      Due to GOCCs  
  Intra-Agency Payables                                           25,688.00
      Due to Central Office                                                          -  
      Due to Bureaus                                                          -  
      Due to Regional Offices                                           25,688.00
      Due to Operating Units                                                          -  
  Trust Liabilities                                     9,797,639.49
      Guaranty/Security Deposits Payable                                      9,797,639.49
  Other Payables                                     7,917,073.20
    Other Payables                                     7,917,073.20
  Total Current Liabilities                                   62,538,175.59
Total Assets less Total Liabilities                             2,556,259,377.13
Net Assets/Equity  
    Government Equity                             2,556,271,396.05
      Accumulated Surplus/(Deficit)                             2,556,271,396.05
Total Net Assets/Equity                             2,556,271,396.05
        Prepared By: Certified Correct:
        Joey San Buenaventura Juliet J. Icamen
        Accountant II Supervising Admin Officer