Gem of a winner

April 30, 2018

Cathy Jane Florida, Region XI student journalist

Discipline is all it takes to get a gold.

This is what John Michael B. Diocares, Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) boxer, took as a reminder and a practice every time he puts his shoes and gloves in the middle of the ring.

Out of his vast experiences, John Michael understood the power of dedication, discipline, and hard work in training as he visualized his number one goal in every game – to win and get a gold especially in this year’s Palarong Pambansa.

“Back when I was in Grade 4, I was taught by my father Jessie Dwight Diocares, how to use discipline in boxing,” he said. “He made me realize that it should be part of my mindset because it will bring me to places and to higher events like Palarong Pambansa.”

In his four years in Palaro, he failed in a tournament when he was in Grade 5. But Diocares dedicated his failure as his way to lift higher.

“That failure introduced me to a harder training than the usual. My father said, ‘Train and train because it is just the beginning, there is a longer road waiting for you ahead.’ My spirit of dedication was lifted after my father inspired me,” he shared.

Clinching towards the top, Diocares never ended his will to strive as he was tested in last year’s Palarong Pambansa in Antique.

“I was very exhausted the last time I joined Palaro because my weight decreased five kilos. I have undergone a very tiring training but still, it was fulfilling because I got silver,” he added.
Coach Rolando A. Oring attested to how disciplined John is even in their training.

“Still, John is asking me what else he needs even if he has it all – the dedication, skills, discipline, hard work and even the faith. He didn’t give me a hard time,” Coach Rolando said.

Even after participating in the Palarong Pambansa in the years to come, the 17-year-old boxer will still pursue his dream of becoming a professional boxer and a world champion.