SANHS: Forging SHS the Olympian way

January 12, 2017

Preparing the school for Grade 11 was never easy. Everything must be made perfect to crash the notion that this first batch was purely experimental and that Grade 11 students would somehow suffer from this bold move by the Department of Education (DepEd).

But it’s as though the Olympian gods and goddesses were alive conspiring in favor of establishing the Senior High School (SHS) program at San Antonio National High School (SANHS). The two-storey SHS building seemed to have been a work of the master craftsman and the Olympian god Hephaestus in which high-ranking officials in the DepED Isabela expressed jubilation over such a majestic building with the quality of its construction.

In the school’s battle to draw students to enroll here, it was delightfully won as if Ares, the god of war led the campaign, drawing 202 students from various municipalities and provinces. Rough seas in the equipment procurement process for the different courses were not even considered a bloody face-off with these stakeholders acting like the god of the sea, Poseidon holding his trident up high to lord over whatever difficulties and roughness the odyssey may have in store for the school community

Such an Aphroditic beauty it was when Artemis hunted down support groups and stakeholders who did not leave the school operate on its own as they contributed equally significant efforts to lift the school banner with encryption that proclaims ‘Come, we are ready to serve you!’

The school has gone far, far enough to find brood of teachers who’s got the Athena-kind-of-breeding in them. The school has never felt a single touch of abandonment from the division selection committee under the leadership of the Division Schools Superintendent (SDS), Madam Edna P. Abuan, PhD., who mothered the DepED Isabela family just as how Hera did to her own according to the ancient Greek myth. These teachers are a real mixture of brains, brawns and brawls whose elite teaching abilities are quite fitting to bloom students’ great potentials.

Now, the 202 students are enjoying the perks of choosing the school as their training ground for which they have been well-exposed to various ideologies, practical trainings, basic philosophies and principles, in-depth knowledge of different concepts and the application of such concepts. This claim is seen in the quality of outputs, products and performances displayed and shown by the students. Not only that, since during classes, it could be gleaned from the gestures of students that they are enliven by the way lessons are delivered, so much alive and full of blood and fire that even Hades, the master of death cannot silence the life emerging during such hours.

The DepED’s vision to make students fit for the world of work is nearly achievable now that the school head never stops from attending seminars with regard to K-12, solidifying his plans for full-blown senior high school with Grades 11 and 12. He seemed to have the blossoming eyes of Apollo as he prophesied a larger responsibility to play next academic year. Now, he again makes sure that the additional buildings with 14 classrooms with two (2) TVL buildings for senior high school at the new site located at Zone 1 of Brgy. San Antonio are masterfully built to invoke Hestia’s passion for making the pool of students next academic year feel like home

Starting off with something new and different is never easy, but with the hands of a man whose strong command resounds the lightning bolts of Zeus, even herculean task as this holds no power. He is a man who is a born leader and manager, someone who rules with great passion and commitment. And without whose efforts, such beautiful stories of accomplishments and successes would have not been put down to writing to reach the masses.

Let this article serve as Hermes’ work to herald that the Senior High School of San Antonio National High School is a home and place where the arts of the gods and goddesses beautifully blend.

“It was a blow of fresh air to grab a sight on the success of our Senior High School here at San Antonio National High School. I feel quite compensated because all the sacrifices we shed during the initial planning had paid off. We could never have done it well without the incessant support of our stakeholders especially the parents who were more than willing to give it all for the future of their dear sons and daughters. With so much yet to challenge the program, we have full faith that all will fare well as it currently sails well today as long as everyone will stay hands on and committed in serving the young Filipino dreamers,” says Mr. Manolo Y. Bagunu, School Head of SANHS.