DO 18, s. 1985 – Implementation of the MECS Sports Equipment Dispersal Program

February 25, 1985
DO 18, s. 1985
Implementation of the MECS Sports Equipment Dispersal Program

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. The Sports Equipment Dispersal Program of the MECS will initially be implemented this school year. Each school division shall receive eighteen (18) sets of volleyball balls and nets for selected elementary schools.
  2. The schools superintendents shall recommend to the regional directors not later than March 29, 1985 the eighteen public elementary schools in their respective divisions which will be the initial beneficiaries of the program. The important consideration in the selection of the schools are the following:
    1. Number of students who will use the sports equipment
    2. Availability of playing areas
    3. Availability of teachers who can teach the fundamental skills of volleyball
  3. The principal of the recipient elementary school shall prepare a report evaluating the quality and durability of the sports equipment. The report shall indicate the number of users, frequency of use and the average frequency and time duration of ball and net usage. This must be submitted to the Bureau of Sports Development, Palacio del Gobernador, Intramuros, Manila, six (6) months after receipt of the equipment.
  4. The volleyball sets are ready for delivery to the different school divisions by the Bureau of Sports Development. Distribution to the recipient schools shall be the responsibility of the schools superintendent.
  5. Strict compliance is desired.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1-2—(D.O. 1-76)

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