DO 25, s. 1994 – Guidelines on the Replacement of Non-PBET Eligible Teachers by PBET Eligibles

May 16, 1994
DO 25, s. 1994
Guidelines on the Replacement of Non-PBET Eligible Teachers by PBET Eligibles

To: Regional Directors
Division Superintendents of Schools
Supervisors, Principals and Other DECS Officials Concerned

  1. The Civil Service Commission issued Memorandum No. 32 on April 28, 1994 concerning the replacement of non-PBET eligible public school teachers by PBET qualifiers. Subsequently, the CSC, in consultation with DECS, issued Memorandum No. 41 dated May 12, 1994 providing additional information and guidelines on the matter. Copies of both CSC Memoranda are attached.
  2. CSC and DECS have agreed to consider the period from May 23 to 27, 1994 as the main application period for PBET eligibles who wish to teach in public schools. If, after this period, there remain teacher items for which there are no willing and qualified eligibles, non-PBET eligibles who had formerly held these items may then be considered, provided the justifications required under Section (e) of CSC Memorandum No. 41 are followed.
  3. CSC and DECS will jointly publish in a number of newspapers of large circulation this coming Sunday, May 22 full-page announcements to PBET eligibles on where and when to apply for teacher positions. In line with CSC Memorandum No. 41, please take note that this announcement constitutes substantial compliance with the publication requirement for vacancies under RA 7041.
  4. A roster of PBET eligibles for each division is being sent by the fastest means available to all Regional Directors and Division Superintendents, for reference. A similar roster is available in the CSC regional and provincial offices.
  5. Concerned DECS officials are enjoined to coordinate closely with their counterpart CSC regional and provincial director in order to achieve an orderly implementation of this undertaking. They are also directed to adhere closely to the guidelines provided in CSC Memorandum No. 41, and in particular to strictly adhere to and enforce the last-in, first-out basis for replacement of non-eligibles.
  6. For the guidance and compliance of all concerned.

Inch: Assisted
Reference: None
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)

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