May 5, 1999 – DO 49, s. 1999 – Creating a TEEP Textbook Procurement Taskforce Defining its Functions and Organizations
May 5, 1999
DO 49, s. 1999
Creating a TEEP Textbook Procurement Taskforce Defining its Functions and Organizations
To:    Undersecretaries/Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
All Others Concerned
   In the interest of the service and to ensure that the procurement of textbooks and teachers; manuals financed under TEEP is done efficiently and economically and that they are delivered promptly to recipient schools beginning School Year 1999-2000, a TEEP Textbook Procurement Task Force (hereinafter called “Task Force’) is hereby created.
   The TEEP Textbook Procurement Task Force will be composed of the following:
Team Leader                 –  Ms. Ester Dijamco, PISU
Co-Team Leader            –  Ms. Mila Talinio, IMCS
Members                          Mr. Ricardo Faderon, PISU
              Ms. Socorro Pilor, IMCS
Mr. Adonis Barraquias, PISU
                                                            Mr. Norman Cabangal, IMCS
Mr. Celso Martinez, IMCS
     Ms. Melinda Cruz, PISU
    Mr. Rommel Isip, PISU
The said Task Force will be under the direction and supervision of TEEP project management.The functions of said Task Force are as follows:

1.   prepare annual textbooks/teachers’ manuals procurement plan together with the Task Force’s work plans and implementation schedules;
2.   describe the textbook procurement process and define/delineate the roles and responsibilities of Central Office PISU and IMCS;
3.   cause the procurement and distribution of textbooks and teachers’ manuals to schools in 26 TEEP provinces in accordance with Government and World Bank procurement guidelines and procedures, work plans, and timetables; and
4.   resolve, or take leadership resolving, any textbooks procurement/distribution- related problems or issues that may be presented to it: by Central Office PISU, IMCS, division offices, or suppliers, for resolution from time to time.
    The Task Force will submit to TEEP project management for approval a list of short­ term technical reviewers and evaluators needed in the evaluation of suppliers’ bids. Non- PISU members of the Task Force shall be entitled to a monthly honoraria in accordance with NCC-75. Honoraria and evaluator’s fees shall be charged against TEEP funds. The Task Force shall be under the administrative supervision by the TEEP Deputy Project Manager.
    The Task Force will draw upon the expertise and administrative and financial support of Central Office PISU, IMCS, BEE, and CMT to enable it to discharge its functions effectively.
   For the guidance of all concerned.
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Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)
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