Caraga’s Grades 1 to 3 Filipino teachers push for contextualized curriculum

Twelve (12) Master Teachers, twelve (12) Division Filipino Coordinators and thirty six (36) Filipino Teachers from the 12 schools divisions (SDs) in Caraga participated in the three-day regional training-workshop on contextualization and localization of learning materials for Grades 1 to 3 Filipino teachers held on September 26-28, 2016 at the Regional Educational Learning Center 2 (RELC 2) in Butuan City.
Dr. Isidro M. Biol, Jr., Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) Chief, welcomed the participants with his inspirational message. “You are only instruments in this training. You are the provider of information to your learners, so that they can get the best learning outcome. That’s the best thing that you can do, and that’s the R.O.I. that we expect from you,” he said.
In her message, CLMD Education Program Supervisor Dr. Angelita A. Kuizon stressed that implementing the Filipino curriculum must take cognizance of the local needs of learners, and it must accommodate and respect the cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and racial diversity of the learning environment.

The training-workshop,” Dr. Kuizon added, “is also designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitude of division district supervisors (DS), division coordinators (DC), and master teachers (MT) in using authentic learning materials anchored in the context of the learners’ lives.

Amy Uy, Master Teacher II of Butuan SPED Center, gave a walkthrough of the Grade 1-3 Filipino curriculum. On the other hand, Principal I Jay Dalman discussed the pertinent issues on the Differentiated Instruction.

Workshops included the Analysis of the Grade 1-3 Filipino Curriculum facilitated by Dr. Kuizon and Pilarcita Ungab, Master Teacher at Agusan National High School, Identification of Grade 1-3 Learning Activities to be localized, as well as the Crafting & Designing of Localized Learning Activities facilitated by Amy Uy and Pilarcita Ungab.

Finally, Jay Dalman and Dr. Kuizon facilitated the Critiquing and Finalization of Outputs.