Kyla Nadine M. Gamir
Region XI

Determination. Perseverance. Boldness. Without them, an individual’s talent goes straight to the trash bin. Genuine success always begins from thy own self.

These were Filipino Olympic Athlete Lerma Elmira Bulauitan’s advocacies and advice to every athlete who aspires to be like her. She is admired for being a track and field long jump and 100-meter dash athlete. She was once a coach, too.

Noong bata pa ako, nandyan na sina Lydia de Vega at Elma Muros, kaya sila ang naging inspirasyon ko,” Bulauitan recalls her childhood.

Gusto ko eh, kaya talagang nagpursigi ako,” she proudly states the fact the she got both of her inspirations’ talents—being a jumper and a sprinter—through hard work.

From being the little child who idolizes to being the icon the young track and field athletes look up to, Bulauitan attends the Palarong Pambansa 2019 in Davao City to extend support to the juniors of her field.

  • Filipino Olympic athlete Lerma Elmira Balauitan lives up to her "Sports Icon" status as she encourages and supports student-athletes for the Palarong Pambansa 2019. PHOTO BY ANDREA GEORGIA VILLEGAS

When asked about her thoughts on her sport, she shared a realistic and sincere point: “Individual ‘yung athletics, nasa sa iyo kung paano mo makakamit ang gusto mo, hindi sa coach.”

She reminded them that no matter how intense athletes are being trained by their coaches, there would be no improvement without courage and willingness in the heart.

She further states that if she was still a coach today, she would rather choose those who have zero knowledge on the sport but with a desire to learn, than those who are blessed with flair but does not have the boldness to fortify their skills.

“Beat your own best!” Bulauitan motivates her juniors. “During my time, number one ako sa Pilipinas, but that didn’t signify na hindi na dapat ako mag-training, kasi maling attitude iyan.”

One of the Philippine Queens of Athletics, Bulauitan suggests that if junior track and field athletes want to succeed like her, they should exert effort and see themselves as their own enemies. Also, they should not be satisfied with what they have, but climb up higher instead with their feet on the ground.