These are the stories of the student speakers during the 4th National Climate Change Conference showcase inspiring stories of the Filipino learners advocating for climate action.


Malabon National High School, SDO Malabon City

“I know that (deeds of activism) have very minimal impact but that is why we need more people to speak and stand up for the environment… In the fight for climate justince, we need all people, all walks of life. We need the students, teachers, parents, workers, and most of all, the government”

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Santiago City National High School, SDO Santiago City

“[To my fellow students] I urge you to take part in any way you can help alleviate the status of environmental degradation. In our simple means, we can contribute towards rehabilitating our nature. We only got one earth, let us protect it for ourselves and families and for the sake fo the future generations”

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Inzo Arnaldo Village Integrated School, SDO Roxas City

“Walang maliit o malaking kakayahan ang isang tao kung ang pinaguusapan ay ang paksang climate change. Lahat tayo nararamdaman ito, may kapansanan ka man o wala. Hindi lang ako uupo at maghihintay ng tulong dahil walang kapansanan ang maaring makapigil sa akin o sa aking mga kasama.”

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Kaunlaran High School, SDO Navotas City

“We just wanted people to understand why we must start doing something for the sake of our environment and what might happen if we didn’t”

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Sinalhan Integrated High School, SDO Sta. Rosa City

“I must let others know that nothing will happen in the comfort of denial and silence”

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