DO 8, s. 1985 – Organization and Functions of the MECS Scholarship Committee

January 21, 1985
DO 8, s. 1985
Organization and Functions of the MECS Scholarship Committee

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Chiefs of Services and Heads of Centers/Units
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. The MECS Scholarship Committee is hereby reconstituted with membership as follows:
    Chairman: Deputy Minister Hortensia S. Benoza
    Members: Dr. Juanita S. Guerrero
    Dr. Nilo L. Rosas
    Dr. Esperanza A. Gonzalez
    Miss Vilma Bravo
    Secretary: Miss Edith Carpio
  2. The present Scholarship Committee assumes the combined functions of the Scholarship Committee and the Advisory Committee on the International Scholarship and Conference as indicated in MECS Order No. 1, s. 1980 and Office Memorandum dated September 13, 1978, respectively.
  3. Specifically its functions are as follows:
    1. To give wide publicity in the field of all scholarship opportunities.
    2. To conduct final evaluation of all applications for scholarship both local and foreign, applications for training programs, applications for study leaves here or abroad, requests for extensions of scholarships and make the necessary recommendation to the Minister.
    3. To arrange for the proper orientation and guidance of participants/grantees whenever necessary.
    4. To conduct periodic assessment of the performance of scholars/participants as well as the utilization of their expertise.
    5. To recommend the benefits/privileges to be granted to scholars, participants in training programs subject to availability of funds and the usual accounting and guided regulations.
    6. To make a periodic review of the training programs conducted solely by the MECS or jointly with certain institutions/agencies under Memorandums of Agreement and to recommend necessary revisions in the programs or terms of agreement.
  4. The MECS Commission shall be assisted by sub-committees in charge of specific types of scholarships, each headed by a chairman as follows:
    DECS Integrated Scholarships – Ms. Emma Palec
    Short-Term Training at Teachers Camp – Mr. George Garma
    Other Local Scholarships – Mrs. Lilia Dickno
    UNEDO Scholarships – Ms. Vilma Bravo (In-Charge)
    RECSA – Ms. Luz Gallardo
    RELC – Ms. Adelina Orbe
    INNOTECH – Ms. Zenaida Villaescusa
    Other Centers, e.g. SEARCA, Biotrop, SPATA, and TRYMED – Mrs. Greta Manuel
    UNESCO – Ms. Cora Galang
    Other Foreign Scholarships e.g. Colombo, Adab, NTER, etc. – Mr. Rey Pena
  5. The MECS Scholarship Committee shall maintain an updated Central file of all participants in local and foreign scholarships/fellowships programs as well as other activities, such as international meetings, seminars or similar activities. Secretariat services in this connection shall be provided by the Office of Personnel Management and Development.
  6. Effective immediately all applications for fellowships, scholarships and participation in foreign meetings shall pass the MECS Scholarship Committee.
  7. All previous regulations on committees in charge of scholarship programs for MECS Officials and teachers are hereby rescinded.

References: Department Memorandum No. 44, s. 1977
MEC Order No. 1, s. 1980
Office Memorandum dated September 13, 1978
Allotment: 1-2-3-4—(D.O. 1-76)

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