Professional Development Program to Support Career Progression of Teachers

The National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), as it is presently configured, is the result of a progressive series of changes in its structure and position in the Department of Education. Figure 1 illustrates the development of the organizational structure of the original National Education Learning Center (NELC) from its inception under Letter of Instructions (LOI) No. 1487 in 1985 and its elaboration in 1987. LOI 1487 (1985) instructed the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS) to design a tiered training organization comprising:

  • a National Education Learning Center (NELC) located at Teachers’ Camp in Baguio City;
  • Regional Learning Resource Centers (RELCs) in each Region or sub-Region; and
  • Decentralized Learning Resource Centers at the Division, District and School levels.

The three components are shown in blue in Figure 1. LOI No. 1487 also stated that the “MECS may also constitute advisory boards for each center.” These are illustrated in orange to signify their optional status.

The organizational structure and governance of the RELCs were elaborated in DECS Order No. 30, s.1987. Following acknowledgment of the establishment of thirteen (13) RELCs, the Order elaborated the basic staff complement, which served as the Secretariat at each RELC, and stipulated the organization of a Program Committee at each RELC. The addition of a RELC Secretariat and RELC Program Committee are illustrated in green in Figure 1.

Executive DirectoryFigure 2: NEAP-CO Organizational Structure established by Administrative Order No. 282, s. 1992 and DECS Order 25, s. 1997.

Administrative Order No. 282, s. 1992 renamed NELC as the ‘National Educators Academy of the Philippines’ and added two components to the organizational structure: (1) Research and Program Development; and (2) Training and Materials Development (Figure 2)

DECS Order No. 25, s. 1997, among other things, added to the organizational structure by constituting the Advisory Council of NEAP (illustrated in red in Figure 2) and specified the establishment of a NEAP Office at the Central Office of the DECS and NEAP Zonal Offices in Baguio City, Cebu City, and Davao City.

The establishment of NEAP in the Region through DO 111, s. 2009 involved renaming RELCs as “National Educators Academy of the Philippines in the Region” and transferring and converting “RELC facilities under the supervision and ownership of the NEAP in the Region.” The Enclosure to

Central Office ChartFigure 3: Organizational Structure diagram based on DO 111, s. 2009

DO 111, s. 2009 provided an organizational structure for NEAP in the Region (Figure 3). The organizational structure depicted only the Head of the organization and the service areas, thereby “empower[ing] the Region to make decisions appropriate to their unique conditions.”

Figure 2: NEAP-CO Organizational Structure established by Administrative Order No. 282, s. 1992 and DECS Order 25, s. 1997