DO 11, s. 1985 – Reiterating Regulations Related to Class Disruptions

February 1, 1985
DO 11, s. 1985
Reiterating Regulations Related to Class Disruptions

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Heads, Security Training Centers

  1. The inclosed set of policies and standards (Inclosure No. 1) including the curricular guidelines for the Basic Security Guard Course and Pre-Licensing Training Course (Inclosure No. 2) and the list of equipment, facilities and supplies for Security Guard Training Centers (Inclosure No. 3) approved by this Office upon the recommendation of the Integrated Security Training Centers of the Philippines (ISICP) and the Bureau of Higher Education (BHE), embodies the general principles and guidelines for the establishment and operation of security training centers as well as the program of instruction for the security training course.
  2. The standards have been set after a series of consultative meetings, seminars and workshops participated in by the heads of security training centers and representatives from both the government and private sectors representing the academe, industry, constabulary and integrated police forces, and other concerned regulating agencies and organizations.
  3. As defined in the standards, each security training center, as an institution of learning, should have the following objectives:
    1. To provide the trainees with the basic knowledge, skills, competence and attitudes necessary in the efficient performance of their duties.
    2. To inculcate in the minds of the trainees the higher concepts of citizenry and leadership, together with an understanding of their moral and legal responsibilities to their fellowmen, community and country;
    3. To instill discipline among the trainees based on knowledge and respect for law and order; and
    4. To promote among the trainees a sense of service professionalism, spirit of nationalism, moral integrity and spiritual vigor.
  4. Each security training center is required to prepare and make the necessary adjustments of its programs and supportive facilities based on the inclosed guidelines and standards.
  5. This Order supersedes all existing rules and standards related to basic security guard training courses, and it shall take effect beginning the school year 1985-1986.
  6. Compliance with this Order by all concerned is enjoined.

Incl.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 1-76)

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