DO 34, s. 1985 – Supplement to the Rules and Regulations Issued to Implement the Provisions of B.P. Blg. 232 under MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985

May 30, 1985
DO 34, s. 1985
Supplement to the Rules and Regulations Issued to Implement the Provisions of B.P. Blg. 232 under MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985

To: Regional Directors
Heads of Bureaus/Centers/Offices
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. The attention of all concerned is hereby called to the resolution of the Supreme Court dated May 28, 1985, pertinent to the implementation of MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985, as follows:
    “…the Court Resolved to ISSUE, effective immediately and continuing until further order from this Court, a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER enjoining the respondent from enforcing or implementing paragraphs 7.4 and 7.5 of MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985, which provide for the use and application of sixty per centum (60%) of the increases in tuition and other school fees or charges authorized by public respondent for the school year 1985-1986 in a manner inconsistent with section 3(a), P.D. No. 451, (which allocates such 50% of the increases exclusively for increases in salaries or wages of the members of the faculty and all other employees of the school concerned.) and directing accordingly that such 60% of the authorized increases shall be held in escrow by the respective colleges and universities, i.e., shall be kept intact and not disbursed for any purpose pending the Court’s resolution of the issue of validity of the aforementioned MECS Order in question.”
  2. All concerned are also reminded that MECS Order No. 25, specifically par. 4.1 thereof, does not grant an automatic fifteen (15) percent increase, nor does it establish a guideline of fifteen (15) percent increase in fees for school year 1985-1986. Schools should raise fees only as necessary to maintain its operations at the level of quality for which it aspires, observing the minimum standards established by the Ministry and the limits on profits and return on investment and related criteria as described under MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985. Prior approval of MECS is not required if the student fee increase determined by the school is for fifteen (15) percent or less over those of the second semester 1984-85.
  3. Schools are hereby enjoined to keep their students and faculty members fully informed of the finance of the school and the reason behind whatever increases it implements, whether with or without the prior approval of MECS as provided in MECS Order No. 25. A summary of the financial statements of the school and of the operating budget for 1985-86 shall be prominently posted at public places within school premises and otherwise made available to interested parties.
  4. For compliance.

Reference: MECS Order No. 25, s. 1985
Allotment: 1-4—(D.O. 1-76)

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