DO 37, s. 1985 – Maintenance of Perpetual Rank Lists and Strict Observance of Regulations on Appointment and Promotion

June 11, 1985
DO 37, s. 1985
Maintenance of Perpetual Rank Lists and Strict Observance of Regulations on Appointment and Promotion

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators/Principals
Chiefs of Service and Heads of Units/Centers

  1. This Office has received a number of complaints regarding unfairness in promotion or appointments as well as violation of certain provisions of the MECS Merit Promotion System issued as MEC Order No. 52, s. 1980.
  2. To minimize, if not totally eliminate, complaints and protests on promotions, the following should be observed effective immediately:
    1. A perpetual rank list of all qualified candidates, by school divisions, shall be maintained in every Regional Office for each of the following field positions:
      General Education Supervisor I
      Public Schools District Supervisor
      Elementary School Principal (I, II, III, IV)
      Elementary School Head Teacher
      Secondary School Principal (I, II, III, IV)
      School Administrator
      School Administrator Officer
      Secondary School Head Teacher (Department Head)
      Master Teachers (by districts)
      This rank list should be continually updated to include all those who qualified at any given year. The Regional Office shall be ready at all times to furnish the Central Office with a copy of such list as requested. Schools division superintendents are expected to submit such updated list to the Regional Office. A copy of such perpetual rank list shall also be maintained in the division office and made public and open to all candidates so that if any candidate has questions regarding correctness of entries or credits, he may request the necessary corrections subject to verification on basis of documentary evidence submitted.
    2. Vacancies or anticipated vacancies should be announced, conformably to Civil Service rules, on bulletin boards or by any other media.
    3. Conformably to Civil Service Rules and Regulations, on the day the promotional appointment is issued, a notice announcing such appointment shall be posted by the appointing authority on the bulletin board of his Office.
    4. All other candidates for a position shall be informed of the appointment and efforts should be made to explain to adversely affected parties, the basis for the selection or the reasons for choosing the appointee.
    5. Teachers and school officials should be informed of the regulation that “within fifteen days from the issuance of the notice of an appointment, a next-in-rank employee who feels aggrieved, may appeal to the head of the department (Ministry) who shall make a decision within thirty days from the issuance of the appointment.”
    6. In the case of appointments of teachers or change of status to permanent positions, recommendations of district supervisors should be carefully checked by the division promotion or selection boards against the required rank lists of teacher applicants, to make sure that appointments are based on merit and fitness.
    7. In the selection of master teachers, attention is particularly invited to letter c Paragraph 4 of MEC Order No. 10, s. 1979 as follows:
      “c. The tentative list of Master Teacher candidates in the district should be posted in all schools so that any teacher who feels she deserves to be on the list but has not been included, may request inclusion of her name provided she can present supporting papers to justify her claim. To obviate the possibility of deserving teachers being by-passed by the District Selection Committee, a teacher who feels that her justified request had been ignored, may bring her case direct to the division selection committee.”
  3. One reason for the large number of protests and complaints might be that teachers and other officials, especially candidates for promotion, are not adequately informed of the criteria for, and procedure on promotion. It is desired, therefore, that this procedure, as embodies in MEC Order No. 52, s. 1980, as well as qualification requirements for each position as embodies in the qualification standards, be given wide dissemination among teachers and school officials. These should be discussed at inservice or other meetings.
  4. It is further desired that regional directors and schools superintendents observe utmost case and fairness in appointment and promotion of teachers and school officials to disprove claims that sometimes such appointments or promotions are made on the basis of monetary or other considerations.
  5. Any laxity in the enforcement of these regulations shall be dealt with administratively.

References: DEC Order No. 45, s. 1971
MEC Orders Nos. 10, s. 1979 and 52, s. 1980
Allotment: 1-2-3—(D.O. 1-76)

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