DO 50, s. 1986 – Engineering Laboratory Requirements

September 23, 1986
DO 50, s. 1986
Engineering Laboratory Requirements

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. Pursuant to MECS Order No. 42, s. 1985 which provides for the issuance of supplementary guidelines on laboratory requirements, the Engineering Laboratory Requirements as contained in the manual is hereby approved for implementation. Engineering schools and MECS regional offices will be furnished with copies of the manual.
  2. The following rules shall be observed for the purpose of implementation:
    1. For all recognized engineering programs, the requirements shall be complied with by schools operating the same within two years after the effectivity of this Order. Recognition shall be withdrawn on the basis of non-compliance within the period prescribed.
    2. For all year levels of engineering programs which operate on the basis of a permit prior to the effectivity of this Order, the first rule shall also apply.
    3. For applications for permit to operate new year levels of engineering programs, the schools applying must comply with 100% of the requirements for the corresponding levels upon submission of their application. Deficiency in the compliance with the requirements will be a ground for denial or disapproval of the application. Full compliance shall also be required for the issuance of renewal permit.
    4. Recognition for new programs shall not be granted to schools unless there is full compliance. For all year levels with the requirements.
  3. This Order shall take effect on June 1, 1987.

Reference: MECS Order No. 42, s. 1985
Allotment: 1-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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