DO 28, s. 1987 – Creating Advisory Committee in the National and Regional Centers for Technical Education and Staff Development for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

March 20, 1987
DO 28, s. 1987
Creating Advisory Committee in the National and Regional Centers for Technical Education and Staff Development for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents/Superintendents of Project Institutions

  1. Pursuant to Schedule 6, Paragraph 10, L.A. 5, four Centers for Technical Education and Staff Development (CTESDs) were established “to provide research and develop facilities on a permanent basis.” Conformably with the for “DECS to ensure that CTESDs are effectively woven in national framework for technical and vocational education provided in Schedule 6, Paragraph 10 of L.A. 531-PHI, CTESDs were institutionalized by virtue of MECS Order s. 1986.
  2. To assist each CTESD in providing staff development and research facilities in pursuit of improving the quality of the training of middle-level technical manpower, an advisory to be known as TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT A COMMITTEE is hereby established in each CTESD. The functions of the Committees are to advise the Centers following aspects:
    1. Developing long-range goals and plans;
    2. Studying the needs of the community in education and training of middle-level technical manpower;
    3. Planning programs and developmental projects to meet the needs of the Technical Education Institutes (TEIs);
    4. Establishing linkages and collaboration mechanism with industry, professional associations and other concerned sectors in the community;
    5. Obtaining support from the government and non-government sectors for the various programs of the Centers in the field of technical and vocational education development; and
    6. Carrying out related activities that may be deemed necessary in attaining the objectives and goals of the Centers.
  3. The composition of the Advisory Committee shall be representatives of various sectors within the community served each Center in consideration of the scope and magnitude of its functions. There shall be five (5) members of the Committee representing the following groups within the community;
    1. Industry-employment sector;
    2. b. Professional organizations in technical and vocational education;
      c. Technical teachers organizations/associations;
      d. Technical education institutes (TEIs); and
      e. The Executive Director of CTESD – Ex-officio member
  4. The four members must have gained recognition in the respective fields of specialization of expertise and also manifested interest in, and concern for, technical and vocational education.
  5. The Department of Education, Culture and Sports upon the recommendation by the top administration of the Centers shall confirm the appointment of the various Committee members, including terms and conditions of their tenure.
  6. The members shall elect a chairman and a vice-chairman, from among themselves, who shall serve gratis-et-amor except for the refund of actual transportation and miscellaneous expenses incurred in attending consultative meetings and related affairs of the Centers.
  7. This Order shall take effect immediately.
  8. Immediate dissemination of this Order to all concerned is enjoined.

Reference: MECS Order No. 27, s. 1986
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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