DO 55, s. 1987 – Pardon Processing Committee

May 27, 1987
DO 55, s. 1987
Pardon Processing Committee

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. In relation to DECS Order No. 50, s. 1987, prescribing the guidelines for the implementation of the conditional pardon/amnesty granted to public school teachers involved in the falsification of their scholastic records in Zamboanga del Sur, a Pardon Processing Committee is hereby established.
  2. The Pardon Processing Committee shall be composed of:
    Undersecretary Tomas V. Santos – Chairman
    Fiscal Alberto S. Lim, Deputized Tanodbayan Prosecutor – Vice Chairman
    Director Ernesto P. Basa, CSC – Member
    Atty. Alejandro M. Francisco, CSC – Member
    Mrs. Virginia Moralete, OIC, Payroll Services Division, DECS – Member
    Ms. Priscilla F. Abelardo, EGT, Zamboanga del Sur Division – Coordinator
    Ms. Era Sissay, EGT, Pagadian City Division – Coordinator
  3. The Pardon Processing Committee shall have the following functions:
    1. Officially receive any application for pardon/amnesty, review documentations submitted by applicants and/or conduct interviews whenever necessary, in order to gather/verify facts and circumstances surrounding each case;
    2. Approve applications for pardon/amnesty in accordance with rules and guidelines prescribed therefor;
    3. Solicit staff support for the processing of documents in the appropriate form and in the preparation/submission of reports to the Office of the President and other concerned offices.
  4. For the guidance of all concerned.


Reference: DECS Order: No. 50, s. 1987
Allotment: 1-2—(M.O. 1-87)