DO 102, s. 1987 – DECS Reorganization Appeals Board

October 12, 1987
DO 102, s. 1987
DECS Reorganization Appeals Board

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Cultural Agency Directors
Chief of Service and Heads of Units/Centers

  1. Pursuant to the Memorandum of the President of the Philippines, dated October 2, 1987, the DECS Reorganization Appeals Board is hereby created in the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to review or reconsider all complaints or appeals relative to the reorganization undertaken pursuant to Executive Order No. 117, and the various implementing regulations/guidelines issued pursuant thereto including the new position structure and staffing pattern.
  2. The DECS Reorganization Appeals Board shall be composed of the following:
    Chairman – Undersecretary Tomas V. Santos
    Vice Chairman – Undersecretary Cledualdo B. Perez
    Secretary-Member – Atty. Nellie Tansioco
    Two (2) member representatives from any organized employee group, one to represent appealing employee’s group, to be designated by the Chairman when resolving petitions filed by any of their respective members.
  3. The Chairman is authorized to draw the support and assistance of any other employee or office, government or private, as necessary to carry out the functions of the Board.
  4. In addition to the guidelines provided in the Presidential Memorandum of October 2, 1987, the DECS Rules of Procedure to govern the proceedings of the Board shall be formulated and approved later. Provided, that in the interest of efficient and expeditious resolution of all complaints or appeals, the Board may adopt additional rules and procedures.
  5. For the conduct of the review, reevaluation and resolution of all complaints or appeals the Board is hereby authorized to incur such expenses which shall be chargeable against available DECS funds from the respective allocation of the specific offices, bureaus, services and centers, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  6. This Order shall take effect immediately.(SGD.) LOURDES R. QUISUMBING

Reference: DECS Order No. 100, s. 1987
Allotment 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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