DO 62, s. 1988 – Authorizing Schools to Accredit Units Earned in Foreign Schools

July 8, 1988
DO 62, s. 1988
Authorizing Schools to Accredit Units Earned in Foreign Schools

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. Upon the recommendation of the participants of the National Consultative Conference on Higher Education held on May 23-27, 1988 in Cebu City, and the Bureau of Higher Education, DECS, colleges and universities are hereby authorized to accredit units earned in foreign schools by students enrolled in their respective institutions, subject to their rules and regulations.
  2. For this purpose, the following guidelines shall be followed:
    1. The basic document upon which said accreditation shall be based is the student’s transcript of records or its equivalent duly authenticated by the concerned Philippine Mission Abroad (PMA) or by the student’s Consulate/Embassy in the Philippines. In case of vagueness in certain courses, their descriptions may be requested. In the discretion of the Dean, validating examinations may also be required of the student.
    2. Similarity of course descriptions shall be the main consideration.
    3. Substitution of courses may be granted, provided the course contents are at least substantially the same. In case of doubt, the evaluator may refer to the syllabus of the foreign school where the students studied.
    4. The number of units to be granted shall not exceed the number of units earned, nor exceed the residency requirement of the DECS or the school.
    5. Unused earned units may be credited for any free elective subject.
    6. For subjects requiring pre-requisites, e.g. Science and Math, the grant of advanced credits may be allowed on the pre-requisite, upon application of the student, on the basis of the results of validating examination.
    7. The required six (6) units of Pilipino may be offset by a corresponding number of unused units earned either in the country of origin or in the school where presently enrolled.
    8. Only units earned by foreign students in the collegiate level shall be given credits. Units earned in terminal/vocational courses and in high school shall not be credited.
  3. Cases not covered by these guidelines shall not be given due course.
  4. This Order supersedes previous DECS issuances in the matter and shall take effect immediately.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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