DO 101, s. 1988 – Scope of Construction Management Committee Services

November 17, 1988
DO 101, s. 1988
Scope of Construction Management Committee Services

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Regional Directors
Chiefs of Services and Heads of Units/Centers
Others Concerned

  1. In order to ensure the timely and satisfactory execution of and compliance with the contract documents and construction agreements by the contractors, the Construction Management Committee shall provide and undertake the following services, among others, during the actual construction of the regional office buildings and project-close phases:
    1. Arrange and conduct pre-construction meetings with the contractors to discuss the requirements and highlights of the contract documents and construction agreements which include the following:
      (1) Master Construction work and Progress Schedule;
      (2) Preparation of the Bill of Materials and Materials Status Report;
      (3) Bonds and Insurances;
      (4) Security, safety and sanitation requirement at the job site
    2. Prepare a program for the submission and review of product data and manufacturer’s catalogs, and samples as required by the Technical Specifications.
    3. Prepare a program to ensure the proper compliance with the testing as required by the Technical Specifications, including the Construction Management Committee’s participation and witnessing of the testings, and submission of Test Results Certificates from the government agency and/or any reputable private institution authorized by the government to conduct such testings.
    4. Evaluate and make recommendations the logic sequence and durations of construction work activities of the Construction Progress and Work Schedules of the contractors.
    5. Assist the contractors in the verification of lines and grades.
    6. Maintain a Construction Progress Log Book at the site office which will document the weather condition, manpower of the contractors, list of construction activities and quantities accomplished, construction equipment used, deliveries of materials and equipment, other development affecting the work progress, and other matters such as clarifications made on the contract documents to be concurred in by the contractor or his duly authorized representative at the end of each day.
    7. Submit two (2) sets of Monthly Construction Progress on the contractors work accomplishment, work status and other significant development as compared to their work schedule and programs complete with the necessary graphic and pictorial presentation showing accomplishment and development affecting completion to the Secretary, thru the Chief of the Management Division.
    8. Conduct inspection of on-going construction work to ensure contractors’ compliance, noting any deviation and delay.
    9. Keep records, monitor and ensure the proper and timely implementation of the programs for material and equipment approvals and testings.
    10. Ensure the implementation and keep records of the bonds, insurances and warranties required by the contract documents.
    11. Arrange for the conduct/preside over project meeting, including the preparation of agenda and minutes of meetings which are to be furnished to the Secretary thru the Chief of the Management Division on a monthly basis or as necessary.
    12. Inspect, evaluate and jointly quantify with the contractors their work accomplishment as basis for their progress payment applications.
    13. Certify and endorse the contractors progress payment applications and transmit to the Secretary thru the Chief, Management Division for processing and payment.
    14. Evaluate and make recommendation on the cost of proposed change orders for formal and final approval by the Secretary.
    15. Monitor, keep records and documents, and submit as necessary to the Secretary the status of change orders.
    16. Ensure that all permits and licenses as required by the government agencies and authorities are secured in accordance with terms of the contract documents.
    17. Ensure the proper implementation of the rules, regulations and procedures on security, safety, sanitation and cleanliness at the job site.
    18. Prepare the list of deficient/defective work items of the contractors, and ensure the proper correction of said work items before final inspection.
    19. Determine and certify that the works required by the contract documents and construction agreements are ready for final inspection and final acceptance.
    20. Ensure that inspections and permits required by government agencies and authorities, as-built drawings, operation manuals, warranties and other project close-out documents are secured and submitted by the contractors.
    21. Provide the Secretary with the necessary assistance to ensure that the contractors promptly and properly correct the defective works under warranties.
    22. Perform such other functions necessary to ensure the timely and proper execution of the project.
  2. For purposes of uniformity, inclosed are CMC Forms Nos. 1 to 10 for use by the Construction Management Committee.
  3. All concerned are enjoined to be guided accordingly.


Incls.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1–(M.O. 1-87)

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