DO 104, s. 1988 – Guidelines for the Selection of Recipient Schools for the School Building Project under the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) Financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) Amended by DO 6, s. 1990 – Temporary Lifting of the Registration and Titling of Schools Sites as a Requirement for the Availment of SEDP School Building Package

December 2, 1988
DO 104, s. 1988
Guidelines for the Selection of Recipient Schools for the School Building Project under the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) Financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB)

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. The Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) is a five-year (1989-1993) development program that aims to improve the quality of education and internal efficiency of the system and expand access and equity particularly at the local level.
  2. The school building component under SEDP will carry out new constructions to provide students only for the next addition in yearly enrolment in local schools. There will be a provision of 673 physical facilities program with each package comprising four (4) classrooms, a workshop, a science laboratory, a library, a faculty room, a toilet and furniture. There will also be a provision of 673 equipment packages with each package consisting of essential equipment required for the teaching of science, mathematics and home management and technology subjects in the new curriculum.
  3. To ensure the rational and equitable allocation of physical facilities packages to the 14 DECS regions, a formula was designed to calculate each region’s share of the total (673 packages) using the following four factors:
    1. The Region’s share of the total population aged 13 to 16 years
    2. The Region’s participation
    3. The Region’s cohort survival rate
    4. The Region’s achievement test scores
  4. The regional allocation by type of school was arrived at by dividing the schools in the region into four (4) groups (national high schools are not eligible for funding under the project), and allocating packages among the groups using the regional percentage of enrolment figures of each school type as basis. The regional percentage of distribution of packages by type of school, should approximate the national percentage distribution which is as follows:
    1. barangay high school – 66%
    2. city – 9%
    3. municipal – 15%
    4. provincial – 10%

    The resulting distribution by type of school per region is in the inclosure.

  5. The percentage enrolment per division multiplied by the total regional allocation shall be applied in arriving at the allocation of each division in every region.
  6. Additional criteria for the school to qualify as a recipient are the following:
    1. Ownership (registered title or deed) of the school site with an area of at least 5,000 sq. m., 2,000 sq. m. of which should be contiguous and buildable area.
    2. Minimum or potential enrolment of 250.
    3. Existing deficiency computed using the following factors:
      1. School enrolment
      2. Number of existing classrooms (permanent and semi-permanent)
  7. The prospective recipient schools shall then be surveyed by an appraisal team composed of representatives from the Regional Office (Secondary Division and Physical Facilities Coordinator) and SEDP-Project Management Unit (PMU)/BSE. The following forms shall be duly accomplished and submitted, namely:
    1. Regional Profile (c/o regional office)
    2. School Profile (c/o prospective recipient school)
    3. Municipal Profile (c/o prospective recipient school)
    4. BSE Physical Facilities Inventory Form (c/o prospective recipient school)
  8. Thereafter, a subproject preliminary appraisal report corresponding to each confirmed/verified recipient school shall be prepared by each appraisal team and shall form part of the requirements that will be submitted to ADB for approval.


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