DO 83, s. 1989 – Implementation of MCEE Policies
September 1, 1989
DO 83, s. 1989
Implementation of MCEE Policies

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads, Registrant and Admission Directors of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. The law explicitly provides that “all high school graduates shall be required to pass a national entrance examination as a pre-requisite for admission to any post-secondary academic or professional degree programs necessitating a minimum of four-years’ study in any private or public institution or higher learning, whether chartered or unchartered.”
  2. Contrary to the above-cited provision, there is a clear indication that some public and private schools, colleges and universities admit students who have not passed the NCEE into degree programs as there is an influx of students’ requests in this office for accreditation of their earned units toward degree programs prior to their passing the NCEE.
  3. Strict compliance with aforecited provision governing the NCEE will be enforced effective school year 1989-1990 and any justification inconsistent with and contrary to the aforecited provision will not be considered.
  4. Regional Directors of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports are requested to identify and employ measures which would ensure proper and strict implementation of the above-cited provision.
  5. University/College Registrars and Directors of Admission of government and non-government institutions are requested to verify NCEE Report Cards against NCEE Masterlist writable in respective DECS Regional Offices.
  6. Compliance with this Order is enjoined.

References: MECS Order No. 9, s. 1983
DECS Order No. 10, s. 1989
Allotment: 1-2-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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