DO 86, s. 1989 – Creation of Regional Pre/Post Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (RPSAC) for the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP)
September 5, 1989
DO 86, s. 1989
Creation of Regional Pre/Post Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee (RPSAC) for the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP)

To: Regional Directors
Others Concerned

  1. A nationwide and centrally funded project of the DECS called the Secondary Education-Development Program (SEDP) is presently being implemented to upgrade secondary education in the country.
  2. Cognizant of the magnitude and extent of this program, the SEDP project management unit has recommended practical and systematic ways of implementation, one of which is the decentralization of the conduct of prequalification, opening of bids and technical evaluation in the fourteen (14) regions, for the school building packages and furniture component.
  3. To this effect, Regional Pre/post qualification, Bids and Awards Committees (RPBACs) were created in each region, the constitution of which was approved by the Secretary in a memorandum from Undersecretary Ordonez dated June 9, 1989.
  4. The RPBACs created therein shall conduct all bidding related activities in accordance with the provisions of P.D. 1594 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations as amended. However, RPBACs are directed to allow contractors prequalified by the Central PBAC to participate in the regional biddings upon presentation of the prequalification advice signed by the Central PBAC Chairman.
  5. The RPBACs are also directed to adhere to the forms and procedures prescribed by the CPBAC as discussed in previous seminars and workshops conducted by SEDP.
  6. The DECS Central PBAC shall review the procedures undertaken by the RPBAC in its prequalification of contractors and its recommendation to award. The former shall recommend to the Secretary the approval of the recommendation made by the RPBAC in accordance with the review findings.
  7. The Project Management Unit (PMU) of SEDP in close coordination with the EDPITAF Civil Works Division (CWD), responsible for the successful implementation of the project shall coordinate and monitor the conduct of all biddings and related activities made by the RPBACs in accordance with the procedures stated herein.
  8. The SEDP-PMU in cooperation with the EDPITAF Civil Works Division (CWD) and Central PBAC shall evaluate the performance of each RPBAC in the conduct of all bidding related activities to determine the capability of each region in a fully decentralized implementation scheme.
  9. For compliance of all concerned.


Reference: DECS Order: No. 41, s. 1989
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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