DO 34, s. 1990 – Addendum to DECS Order No. 61, s. 1989 (Implementing Guidelines for Specified Financial Assistance Programs under Republic Act No. 6728)

April 6, 1990
DO 34, s. 1990
Addendum to DECS Order No. 61, s. 1989 (Implementing Guidelines for Specified Financial Assistance Programs under Republic Act No. 6728)

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Heads, Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. To ensure the smooth implementation of the SNPL program, the following supplementary guidelines and procedures are hereby adopted issued as addendum to DECS Order No. 81, s. 1989 for the information, guidance and compliance of those concerned.
  2. In view of the regionalization in the administration/implementation of the Study-Now-Pay-Later-Plan, the branch Offices of the Government Financial Institution (GFIs) will be dealing directly with the DECSROs and the GFIs head offices, which have been the central coordinating office starting SY 1988-1989.
    1. a. Role of GFIs involved in the Program (See Inclosure).
      (1) GPI Head Offices

      1. Issue procedural guidelines to branch offices of the GPI to ensure smooth and coordinated implementation of the SNPL program;
      2. Provide technical advice to GPI branch offices on problem concerning the implementation of the program;
      3. Coordinate with the DECS Central Office on matters concerning the SNPLP.
      4. Request the branch offices to submit quarterly reports on the amount of loan granted and amount of loan repaid/collected, copy furnished the BHE, DECS.

      (2) GPI Branch Offices

      1. Coordinate with the DECSRO in the processing of loan applications;
      2. Expedite release of loans to students and schools concerned approved by DECS regional directors.
      3. Maintain and update records on loans granted and collected per semester/ school year.
      4. Prepare and submit periodic reports required by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports Central Office on loan release and fund balances.
    2. b. Flow of Work
      (1) Processing of New Applications

      1. DECS Regional Director approves master lists of qualified SNPLP applicants;
      2. DECSRO issues notice of approval to qualified applicants and requests them together with their parent/guardian to sign Loan Agreement at the DECSRO;
      3. DECSRO transmits approved master lists to the GFI branch offices for the release of loan;
      4. GFI branch office reviews the master lists and documents of qualified SNPLP applicants and releases the maximum loanable amount semestrally;
      5. GFI submits quarterly reports of financial disbursements to DECSRO, copy furnished the BHE, DECS;

      (2) Evaluation of Grades for the Continuance/Discontinuance of Loan

      1. DECSRO evaluates the report of ratings submitted by the student-debtor/school.
      2. DECSRO issues Memorandum for loan Continuance/Discontinuance submitted by the DECSRO and releases the Corresponding loans to the student-debtor.
      3. The GFI branch offices process all memoranda on loan continuance/discontinuance submitted by the DECSRO and release the corresponding loans to the student-debtor and school concerned.
        Checks covering school fees as billed will be given directly to the school while the balance for books and other expenses will be given to the student-debtor upon submission of statement of accounts and enrolment certification.
        Degree Course = P7, 000.00/year
        Non Degree Course = P5, 000.00/year
        Each Government Financial Institution (GFI) is required to submit a quarterly report to a quarterly report to the BHE-DECSCO on the amounts received from the student-debtors as repayment of educational loans.
  3. Immediate and wide dissemination of this order is desired.


Incls.: As Stated