DO 37, s. 1990 – Guidelines on Tuition and Other School Fees in Private Schools, Colleges and Universities for School Year 1990-1991 Amended by DO 50, s. 1990 – Guidelines on Tuition and/or Other School Fees in Private Schools, Colleges and Universities for School Year 1990-1991

April 18, 1990
DO 37, s. 1990
Guidelines on Tuition and Other School Fees in Private Schools, Colleges and Universities for School Year 1990-1991

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents and Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

  1. Declaration of Policy
    It is the declared policy of the State in conformity with the mandate of the Constitution, to promote and enhance the quality of education at all levels and to take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all. The State also recognizes the invaluable contributions of the private institutions as well as their complementary role with public schools in the educational system. For the above purpose, the State shall provide resource generation mechanism, institute deregulation techniques for school financing, and prescribe reasonable requirements for the accountability of the school administrator.
  2. General Provisions
    2.1 The guidelines herein provided covering tuition fees and other charges are hereby promulgated for School Year 1990-91 and shall be enforceable and in effect until otherwise changed, modified or repealed.
    2.2 The tuition fees shall be used to cover expenses for the cost of instruction in terms of salaries for faculty and wages for non-teaching personnel, including thirteenth month pay and other benefits as herein provided, except that with respect to other fees, they should be held in trust and spent for the purposes for which they were collected.
    2.3 The assistance provided in R.A. 6728 that should be given to faculty and students in private education shall be issued in a separate DECS Order.
  3. Specific Provisions
    3.1 Starting SY 1990-91, a school may charge any amount from the incoming freshmen in all levels, with consultation as defined in the following section (3.2). In subsequent years, these freshmen will continue to pay the same rate plus one-half of the current inflation rate. Likewise, those enrolling as second, third and fourth years this school year will pay tuition and other fees on the basis of the rates charged during the year immediately preceding, plus one-half of the present inflation rate.
    3.2 The requirement of consultation in the case of entering high school and college freshmen is deemed fulfilled if the parent, in the case of minors, or students of major age affix their signatures to the statement in the registration form indicating their concurrence with the prescribed increases.
  4. A copy of the proposed tuition and other school fees increase must be submitted to the DECS Regional Office concerned not later than June 30, 1990, together with the following documents:
    4.1 Detailed statement on the actual payment made of the increment in tuition fees for school year 1989-199 duly certified by the controller and faculty president;
    4.2 Detailed statement on the allocation of the proposed increment in tuition and other school fees for 1990-91;
    4.3 (For tertiary institutions only) List of students that have been granted full or half-tuition waivers which represent at least five percent (5%) of the entering freshmen for school year 1989-90, and a statement regarding the available number of tuition waivers for school year 1990-1991;
    4.4 Proof of announcement of the proposed increase;
    4.5 Audited financial statement for Fiscal Year 1988-89, and 1989-90.
  5. Assistance under these guidelines shall be granted and tuition fees may be increased, on the condition that seventy percent (70%) of the amount subsidized allotted for tuition fee or of the tuition fee increases shall go to the payment of salaries, wages, allowances and other benefits of teaching and non-teaching personnel except administrators who are principal stockholders of the school, and may be used to cover increase as provided for in the collective bargaining agreements existing or in force at the time when R.A. 6728 was approved and made effective; Provided, that government subsidies are not used directly for salaries of teachers of non-secular subjects. At directly for salaries of teachers of non-secular subjects. At least twenty percent (20%) shall go to the improvement or modernization of buildings, equipment, libraries, laboratories, gymnasia and similar facilities and to the payment of other costs of operation.
  6. All rules and regulations or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
  7. This Code takes effect immediately.

Reference: DECS Order No. 46, s. 1989
Allotment: 1-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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