DO 38, s. 1990 – Enforcement of the Rules and Regulations for the Effective Implementation of P.D. No. 1006

April 18, 1990
DO 38, s. 1990
Enforcement of the Rules and Regulations for the Effective Implementation of P.D. No. 1006

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. To ensure the effective implementation of pertinent provisions of P.D. 1006, copy enclosed, the following rules are hereby reiterated:
    1. In accordance with Section 15 of P.D. 1006, no person shall be allowed to engage in teaching and/or act as a teacher as defined in the Decree whether in public or private elementary or secondary schools, unless he has registered as Professional Teacher with the National Board for Teachers (NBT).
    2. Private elementary and secondary school teachers who are now in the service regardless of their status may continue to teach provided that effective January 1, 1992, no teacher in the private schools shall be allowed to teach unless he/she is registered under P.D. No. 1006.
    3. The NBT policies governing registration of teachers adopted by NBT under its Resolution No. 18, s. 1987 (copy enclosed) shall apply to applicants for registration.
      Under these policies, honor graduates of teacher-education courses whether or not granted civil service eligibility under Presidential Decree No. 907, as amended, are not qualified to register as Professional Teachers unless they fall under the exempt category or they passed the Professional Board Examination for Teachers given by the NBT.
    4. Any person who shall willfully violate these rules and regulations shall be subject to Section 16 of P.D. 1006.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of school officials to ensure that all persons engaged in teaching in the public or private elementary or secondary schools are registered Professional Teachers.
  3. Strict compliance by all concerned is hereby enjoined.

Incl.: As stated
Reference: Department Memorandum: No. 15, s. 1978
Allotment: 1-2-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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