DO 44, s. 1990 – Required Documents for All Annual Procurement Programs Starting 1990

May 3, 1990
DO 44, s. 1990
Required Documents for All Annual Procurement Programs Starting 1990

To: Undersecrataries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services and Heads of Units/Centers

  1. Effective immediately, all annual Procurement Programs (APP) starting 1990 shall contain and should be accompanied by the following documents:
    1. An inventory of supplies/materials and equipment in stock, received and/or purchased during the previous year, using the prescribed government form (GF 41-A).
    2. Prices indicated in the APP shall be considered as mere estimates of the prevailing market price in the locality. The Procurement Technical Committee (PTC) in the Central Office shall indicate its canvassed price for some items in the APP, taking into consideration freight and other incidental expenses affecting the price in the region. Whichever is lower should be the basis for the purchase to be made. For this purpose, a separate column in the APP should be provided for the PTC to indicate its canvassed price.
    3. Strict classification of supplies and equipment by commodity grouping is suggested, thus, Office and School Supplies or Equipment, Textbooks/Instructional Materials, Construction Materials and Hardware, Laboratory Supplies or Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Electronic/Electrical, etc.
  2. All Supply Officers are hereby instructed to have all property record updated. Memorandum Receipts (MR) from the Division Superintendents must be ready for inspection at any time. All accountable officers shall be held responsible for any unissued stocks rotting in the warehouses, which will be inspected from time to time.
  3. Strict compliance with this Order is enjoined.


Reference: Office Order dated February 3, 1990
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

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