DO 110, s. 1990 – Designating the Members of the Technical Panels for the Various Higher Education Programs

October 3, 1990
DO 110, s. 1990
Designating the Members of the Technical Panels for the Various Higher Education Programs

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. Pursuant to Section 60, Rule II, Part IV of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of B.P. Blg. 232, the technical panels of experts in the various disciplines shall be formed to serve as advisory and consultative bodies to the Board of Higher Education, through the Bureau of Higher Education, in the formulation of relevant policies, and promotion and enhancement of the productivity of the system of higher education in the country.
  2. The Technical Panels shall provide direction and assistance in the planning, development, and implementation of institutional programs in their respective disciplines.
  3. The members of the Technical Panels are hereby designated as follows:
    1. Technical Panel for Business Management and Secretarial Education
      1. Dr. Emmanuel T. Velasco
        Representative, Phil. Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)
      2. Prof. Leonida T. Africa
        Vice President for Academic Program
        De La Salle University
      3. Atty. Hermogenes P. Pobre
        Chairman, Board of Accountancy, PRC
        Consultant, Commission on Audit (COA)
      4. Miss Conchita Manabat
        Management Consultant – Lava, Manabat Salgado and Company
      5. Mrs. Pilar Soto
        Dean, College of Secretarial Education
        Manuel L. Quezon University
    2. Technical Panel for Health-Related Programs
      1. Dean Lydia A. Palaypay
        College of Nursing, FEU
        President, Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
      2. Representative from PRC
      3. Dr. Ricardo Gonzales
        Director, Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
        President, Association of Schools of Midwifery Incorporation
      4. Dr. Cecilia K. Andrada
        Dean, College of Dentistry, VMEI, Inc.
        President, Association of Deans of Philippine Dental Colleges
      5. Dean Norma Chang
        College of Medical Technology
        San Juan de Dios
        President, Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Hygiene (PASMETH)
      6. Dean Amelia de Juan
        College of Pharmacy, M.C.U.
        Member, Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
      7. Dean Encarnita Sevilla
        College of Nutrition and Dietitics
        College of the Holy Spirit
        Board Member, Council of Deans and Heads of Nutrition and Dietetics
      8. Dr. Teresita Yambot
        President, Philippine Academy of Optometry
      9. Dr. Karen Tamayo
        Director, Institute of Physical Therapy
        Perpetual Help College, Binan, Laguna
      10. Dr. Jose Gaffun
        Chief Radiologist, Cobalt Section
        Veteran Memorial Hospital
    3. Technical Panel for Legal Education
      1. 1. Atty. Eduardo de los Angeles
        Chairman, Committee on Legal Education and Bar Admission, IBP
      2. Atty. Ofelia Santos
        Member, Judicial and Bar Council
      3. Atty. Rosalinda Vicente
        Assistant Chief State Counsel
      4. Atty. Pacifico Agabin
        Dean, College of Law
        University of the Philippines
      5. Atty. Yolanda Quisumbing Javellana
        President, Philippine Association of Law Professors
    4. Technical Panel for Criminology Education
      1. Dr. Rodolfo Natividad
        President, Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines (FCAP)
        Questioned Documents Expert
      2. Dr. Jose B. Naniwang
        President, Philippine Educators Association for Criminology Education (PEACE)
      3. Dr. Enrique C. Galang
        Dean, Graduate School
        Philippine College of Criminology
      4. Dr. Maria Luisa Dimayuga
        Chief, Integrated National Police
        Female Matters
      5. Lt. Col. Manuel Porras
        Member, Board of Examiner, PRC
      6. Atty. Reynaldo J.D. Cuaderno
        Executive Deputy Commissioner
    5. Technical Panel for Maritime Education
      1. A representative each from:
        1. Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions
        2. Philippine Coast Guard
        3. Chamber of Maritime Industry in the Philippines
        4. Maritime Industry Authority
      2. Two representatives from Professional Regulations Commission
        1. One from the Board of Examiners for Deck Officers
        2. One from the Board of Examiners for Engine Officers
      3. One Private Maritime Professional Practitioner
        Capt. George Pimentel
        National Maritime Polytechnic
    6. Technical Panel for Teacher Education
      1. Ms. Edith B. Carpio
        Bureau of Elementary Education, DECS
      2. Dr. Avelina Llagas
        Bureau of Secondary Education, DECS
      3. Dr. Nilo L. Rosas
        Regional Director
        DECS – National Capital Region
      4. President
        Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE)
      5. Dr. Edilberto Dagot
        Philippine Normal College
    7. Technical Panel for Medical Education
      A representative from each of the following organizations:

      1. Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) (to be designated by the Secretary)
      2. Department of Health (DOH)
      3. Board of Medicine, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)
      4. Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation (APMCF)
      5. Council of Deans of Philippine Medical Schools (CDPMS)
      6. Philippine Medical Association (PMA)
      7. Philippine Hospital Association (PHA)
    8. Technical Panel for Arts and Sciences

      1. Dr. Ester B. Ogena
        Deputy Director, Science Education Institute (SEI)
      2. Dr. Carmen Kanapi
        Dean, College of Science
        University of Santo Tomas
      3. Dr. Fabian Dayrit
        Professor, Department of Chemistry
        Ateneo de Manila University
        Vice-President, Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies
      4. Dr. Jose A. Marasigan
        Chairman, Mathematics Department
        Ateneo de Manila University
      5. Dr. Danilo Yanga
        Chairman, National Institute of Physics
        University of the Philippines
        President, Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas


      1. Dr. Ma. Lourdes Bautista
        Dean, College of Liberal Arts
        De La Salle University
        Executive Vice President, Philippine Social Science Council
      2. Dr. Florangel Braid
        Editor, Philippine Journal (Print Media)
      3. Dr. Felicidad A. Reyes
        Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
        Centro Escolar University
    9. Technical Panel for Information Technology
      1. Mr. Augusto Lagman
        President, Philippine Computer Society
      2. Ms. Emma Teodoro
        Dean, College of Computer Studies
        De La Salle University
        President, Philippine Software Association
      3. Dr. Ofelia Carague
        Vice-President, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
        President, PSUCESS
      4. Mr. Gaston Ortigas, Jr.
        Professor, Asian Institute of Management (AIM)
        President, Philippine Computer Educationist Society (PCES)
      5. Dr. William Torres
        Managing Director, National Computer Center (NCC)
      6. Dr. Rogelio Palasiqui
        Executive Director
        Philippine Council for Advance Science and Technology Research and Development (PCASTRD), DOST
      7. Dr. Alcestis Guiang
        Assistant Director
        Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education, DECS
    10. Technical Panel for Agricultural Education
      1. Dr. Pedro L. Esteban
        Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education, DECS
      2. Dr. Ruben L. Villareal
        Dean, College of Agriculture
        University of the Philippines at Los Banos
      3. Dr. Valentino G. Arganosa
        Professor, Institute of Animal Science and Extension Coordinator
        College of Agriculture, UPLB
      4. Engr. Felipe T. Mateo, Jr.
        President, Northern Foods Corporation
      5. Dr. Efren Ed. C. Flores
        Dean, College of Fisheries
        University of the Philippines in the Visayas
      6. Dr. Armando A. Villaflor
        Professor, College of Forestry, UPLB
      7. Dr. Ruperto S. Sangalang
        President, Don Severino Agricultural College
      8. Dr. Mauro F. Manuel
        Chairman, Department of Parasitology
        College of Veterinary Medicine, UPLB
      9. Engr. Edilberto A. Vichanco
        Chairman, Agricultural Engineering
        Board of Examiners, PRC
      10. Dr. Segundo C. Serrano
        Director, Agricultural Training Institute
        Department of Agriculture
      11. Atty. Warlito A. Natividad
        Legal Officer, Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
        Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
    11. Technical Panel for Engineering Education
      1. Dr. Ruben A. Garcia
        Dean, College of Engineering
        University of the Philippines
      2. Ms. Fleur de lys Torres
        Director, Social Development Staff
        National Economic Development Authority
      3. Engr. Rodrigo V. Masil
        Dean, College of Engineering
        Mapua Institute of Technology
      4. Engr. Peter M. Ureta
        Dean, College of Engineering
        Adamson University
      5. Engr. Alberto B. Muyot
        Member, Board of Chemical Engineering, PRC
      6. Dr. Francisco L. Viray
        Executive Director, NEC
      7. Prof. Geronimo V. Manahan
        Dean, College of Architecture
        University of the Philippines
      8. Engr. Federico V. Epistola
        Philippine Chamber of Commerce
      9. Engr. Julio F. Abarquez
        Member, Board of Mechanical Engineering, PRC
      10. Dir. Jose D. Lacson
        Executive Director
        National Institute of Skills Development (NMYC)
      11. Dr. Pedro L. Esteban
        Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education, DECS
      12. Dr. Jesus Gopez
        Executive Director, PCIERD, DOST
      13. Engr. Walden Rio
        Dean, College of Engineering
        Central Philippine University
      14. Dr. Paulino Tan
        Vice-President, De La Salle University
  4. Technical committees may be formed to assist in the furtherance of the missions of the Technical Panels. The Technical Panels chairmen may retain the services of experts/consultants on a full-time of part-time basis as technical committee members, resource persons and/or evaluators.
  5. The Director of the Bureau of Higher Education shall serve as co-chairmen of all Technical Panels.
  6. All chairmen and members of the Technical Panels and Technical Committees, in consideration of their services, shall receive honoraria/allowances as authorized under existing rules and regulations.
  7. This designation shall remain in full force and effect from January 2, 1990 until December 30, 1990 unless sooner terminated for cause.
  8. All orders, memoranda, and issuances inconsistent with this Order are hereby amended or repealed accordingly.

Reference: DECS Order No. 22, s. 1988
Allotment: 1-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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