DO 12, s. 1991 – Revised Guidelines on Issuance of Government Authority to Operate Educational Programs

February 18, 1991
DO 12, s. 1991
Revised Guidelines on Issuance of Government Authority to Operate Educational Programs

To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities

Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators
1.   In order to achieve improved quality education and after consultations with officials, both central and regional, of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, and educational associations, the following revised guidelines on the issuance of permit to operate new courses/curriculum years, and recognition of existing courses in private schools, colleges and universities shall be followed starting with applications for school year 1992-1993:
1.1   The application for permit to operate a new course and new curriculum year in all educational levels shall be filed with the regional offices concerned one year prior to the start of the proposed semester when the new course is proposed to be operated.
1.2   The following schedule for the permit and recognition processing system shall be observed:
June 15 – last day of filing application for all levels with DECSRO. Applications for technical-vocational courses of 1 year or less duration or those which do not follow the semestral scheme can be filed any time, provided that they are filed one year prior to the date the course is proposed to be offered.
July 15 – last day for:
a.   Referring of application for elementary and secondary levels filed with DECSRO to the division superintendents concerned;
b.   Referring of applications for non-delegated courses to bureaus concerned:
c.   Transmission of report or Summarized Data on Applications Received (GPRA I). (Applications not included in this report shall not be acted upon.)
Sept. 15 – last day for division superintendents to submit their evaluation report to the DECSROs.
Nov. 15 – last day for actions on applications, both in the DECSRos and the bureaus.
1.3   Requirements for issuance of permit:
The school must have 100% compliance with the minimum requirements for at least the first four (4) grades, with their corresponding curriculum, before issuance of permit. Subsequently, permit shall be issued for the 5th and 6th grade levels upon 100% compliance with their minimum requirements.
The school must comply 100% with the minimum requirements for each curriculum year before permit for such shall be issued. However, if the school can comply 100% with the requirements for the entire course, a permit for the whole course may be issued.
For technical-vocational courses of two (2) years or less, compliance with the minimum requirements for the entire course shall be 100% before a permit shall be issued.
                        Higher Education and Three –Year Technical-Vocational Courses:
A permit for a curriculum year shall be issued only if there is 100% compliance with the minimum requirements for the curriculum year and for the next higher year, e.g. permit for the 1st year may be issued only if the requirements for 1st and 2ndcurriculum years are fully complied with. A permit may be granted for the 1st and 2nd year simultaneously of the basic requirement for the 3rd curriculum year of the course is complied with 100%.
If at the end of the second curriculum year, the school cannot comply with the requirements for the fourth curriculum year, an order to phase out the course shall be issued.
1.4   When the upper curriculum year of a course is granted a permit, the permit for the lower year (s) is deemed automatically renewed.
1.5   The entire course shall be granted recognition at the start of the last curriculum year.
2.   The required documents to support applications to operate new courses are enumerated in the inclosed revised GPR-3 and GPR-4.


3.   Using form GPRA 2, the regional offices shall submit to the bureaus concerned not later than January 31 a report on permits and recognition issued during the year.


4.   The bureaus shall monitor the implementation of this Order and submit a report to the Secretary not later than March 15 of each year.
5.   This Order amends sections 4 b (6) (a) and 4 b (11) (a) (i) and (iii) (at the higher education level) of MECS Order No. 48, s. 1986 and other previous DECS Orders.
                                                                           (SGD.)     ISIDRO D. CARINO
As stated
DECS Order: (No. 48, s. 1986)


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