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March 26, 1991
DO 35, s. 1991
The Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) Program SY 1991-1992
To:    Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents
Presidents and Heads of Private Schools,
Colleges and Universities
Principals of Private Secondary Schools
Declaration of Policy
1.   R.A. 6728, entitled an “Act Providing Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education, and Appropriating Funds Therefor, “ stipulates that it is the declared policy of the State in conformity with the mandate of the Constitution, to promote and make quality education accessible to all Filipino citizens. The state also recognizes the complementary roles of public and private educational institutions in the educational system and the invaluable contribution of the private schools in making education relevant and accessible.
2.   The Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) Program, which have been managed and administered by the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) since school year 1989-1990, will be directly administered by the Bureau of Higher Education, DECS, through the DECSROs effective this SY 1991-1992.
Budget Allocation for PESFA, SY 1991-1992
3.   In accordance with the decision of the State Assistance Council, (SAC), an amount of One Hundred Thirty-Three Million Nine Hundred Twenty-Seven Thoudsand, One Hundred Pesos (P133,927,100.00) is allocated for this purpose.
Features of the Program
4.   The PESFA subsidy shall be in the nature of grants-in-aid and shall cover the following two types of awards:
       a.   Full Grant (SY 1991-1992)
  • 90% tuition and other school fees, not to exceed P3,726.00 a year; and
  • Allowance of P2,000.00 a year
       b.   Partial Grant (SY 1991-1992)
  • 90% tuition and other school fees, not to exceed P1,864.00 a year; and
  • Allowance of P2,000.00 a year
Regional and Division Quota
5.   A quota allocation proportionate to the total enrollment of each region in private higher education is attached as Table 1. The Regional Office shall be responsible in allocating slots for each division in accordance with its needs and equity.
6.   The guidelines and mechanics of the implementation of the PESFA program will be the same as those stipulated under Order No. 73, s. 1990 with certain modifications as follows:
  a.   The GASTPE Unit of the BHE through the DECSROs will assume from FAPE the functions of the program and implement them.
   b.   The composition and functions of the PESFA implementing bodies are as follows:
       1.   The Executive Committee (EXCOM). The EXCOM shall be composed of the following:
              The DECS Secretary / Undersecretary  ——————  Chairman
              The Director, Bureau of Higher Education  ————–  Member
               A Representative from COCOPEA  ————————  Member
        The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the following:
             a.   Approval of overall plans, designs, and activities of the program; and
             b.   Approval of the program budget.
       2.   The GASTPE Unit-BHE. The functions of the GASTPE Unit-BHE are as follows:
          a.   Serves as Secretariat to the PESFA Executive Committee (EXCOM) and the State Assistance Council (SAC);
             b.    Develops program guidelines for approval by EXCOM;
             c.  Prepares contracts and miscellaneous documents relating to efficient implementation and administration of PESFA program;
             d.    Consolidates all reports/data required for the program; and
             e.    Monitors program budget expenses according to approved budget; and
             f.   Monitors operations according to approved plan.
    3.   The Regional Committee (RC). The committee shall be composed of the following:
           The DECS Regional Director  ————————-  Chairman
           A Representative of COCOPEA  ———————–  Member
           A PESFA Regional Coordinator  ————————  Member
    The functions of this Committee are the following:
            a.   Disseminates information regarding the PESFA program in the region;
            b.   Resolves problems on PESFA program in the region;
            c.    Reviews the approved alphabetized master lists of PESFA grantees submitted by DGCs;
            d.   Disburses PESFA program funds to schools and grantees based on submitted certificate of billing;
            e.   Consolidates semestral data updates on PESFA for submission to GASTPE Unit-BHE; and
            f.   Renders semestral accounting to EXCOM, through GASTPE Unit-BHE, regarding the disbursements made for the program.
      4.   The Division Grant Committee (DGC). The DGC serves as the nerve center of the program in the field. The committee shall be composed of the following :
             The DECS Provincial/ City Schools Superintendent  ————  Chairman
             A Representative of COCOPEA   ———————————–  Member
             A Private Area Supervisor I or Division PESFA Coordinator —-  Member
             The functions of this committee are the following:
                a.   Disseminates information regarding PESFA program in the division;
                b.   Resolves problems in the division level relative to the program;
                c.   Distributes and retrieves GAFs (Annex A) through the principals of high schools;
                d.   Screens and evaluates documents submitted by applicants; data of each applicant should be complete;
                e.   Prepares summary lists of qualified applicants; (Annexes B&C)
                 f.   Approves and awards the grants according to the guidelines set by DECS; and
                g.   Sends award letters to selected PESFA grantees (Annex D).
      5.   The Functions and Responsibilities of Registrars of Private Schools/Colleges/Universities Enrolling PESFA Grantees:
              a.   Acknowledge receipt of list of approved PESFA grantees furnished by the DECSRO; (Annex C)
              b.   Check on enrollment of PESFA grantees only in the priority courses they applied for in their Grant Application Forms (GAFs); otherwise, the award will be automatically disapproved
              c.   Submit a certification and list of grantees who passed or failed in the majority of their subjects for the previous school year to the Regional Committee within three (3) weeks after the close of the school year; (Annex G)
              d.  Enroll only those grantees who passed the majority of their subjects in the previous school year; and
             e.   Issue Certificate of Billing and Enrollment of PESFA grantees who are qualified for continuance of grant to DECSRO for payment (Annex E).
Enrollment and Payment of Returning Grantees
7.   Priority shall be given to the previous awardees who were not able to enroll through no fault of their own.
8.   PESFA returning grantees of SY 1989-1990 and SY 1990-1991 shall enroll by enlisting at the Registrar’s Office, provided they passed majority of their subjects in their previous school year. The school shall submit a certification and list of students who passed or failed in majority of their subjects for previous school year (Annex G). All continuing grantees must be enrolled only in priority courses or their grant shall be forfeited beginning this school year (Annex F). The DECSRO shall pay the school and the student’s allowance through checks upon receipts of the Certificate of Billing and Enrollment (Annex E).
9.   No student whose data is incomplete shall be included in the summary list of the DGC (Annexes B & C).
10.   The schedule of PESFA activities for SY 1991-1992 is as flows:
Promotion/ Information Dissemination DECSRO/ Division Grant Committee Feb. 1 – March 29
Recruitment of Applicants Division Grant Committee March 30 –  April 20
Processing of Applicants’ Data (GAF) April 22  –  May 16
Selection of Grantees Division Grant Committee May 7 –  21
Preparation of Master List (Annexes B & C)
Awarding of Grants (Annex D) May 22 – 31
Enrollment of Grantees June 1 – 21
Issuance of Enrollment Letters to Beneficiaries (Annexes G & E) Private Institutions June 1 – 28
Payment of Claims to Schools/ Grantees DECSRO / Regional Committee Within 60 days after the opening of classes in each semester
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Program GASTPE-BHE / DECSRO July 1 – End of  SY 1991-1992


11.   All rules and regulations or part thereof which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
12.   Immediate and wide dissemination of this Order is enjoined.


As stated
DECS Order : (No. 73, s. 1990)


Allotment:          1-3-4 — (M.O. 1-87)


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